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NSTEMI algorithm, metabolic acidemia, and more

cardiac troponin appears safe and effective in triaging patients, a large multicenter study found. ... troponin testing, assuming the FDA approves the values used in Europe and in this study.
February 2019

Amyloidosis: A review for the hospitalist

A basic tool, the electrocardiogram, is one of the most important tests in the workup of amyloidosis, and with the increasing utility of serum cardiac markers, like troponins and N-terminal ... Blood. 2003;101:827-30. [PMID: 12393530]. ). Multiple
December 2015

MKSAP primer: Heart failure

Currently, the utility of other cardiac biomarkers, such as troponin, for the diagnosis of heart failure is limited to evaluating for other conditions, such as acute coronary syndrome or myocardial infarction,
November 2007

Test yourself: Sepsis

In these cases, alternative sedative agents should be considered immediately and monitoring of the plasma levels of troponin I, creatine kinase, and myoglobin should be undertaken.
August 2008

A collection of individual cases

There was no asymmetry, edema, or rash on his extremities. Laboratory tests showed leukocytosis, mild elevation of aminotransferase levels, and a troponin I level of 3.05 ng/mL (reference range,
September 2019

Documentation of medical necessity

Unremarkable chest X-ray for acute disease. Normal cardiac markers, especially troponin level in non-ischemic range. ... This is most confusing when the significance of an elevated troponin level goes unclarified.
January 2013

The ABCs of DRGs

Also keep in mind that troponin levels are often chronically elevated in chronic kidney disease without any myocardial injury present. ... The terms chronic myocardial injury, demand ischemia, and “non-MI troponin elevation” are problematic.
May 2019

MKSAP quiz on end-of-life care

Serum troponin level is elevated. Electrocardiogram displays a sinus rhythm at 70/min, T-wave inversion in leads V. ... The TIMI risk score is 4 (age >65 years, elevated troponin level on presentation, aspirin use, and two angina episodes in the last 24
December 2013

New antibiotic, report on drug shortages

Since first communicating about this issue in 2017, the FDA has continued to receive adverse event reports related to biotin interference, including with troponin tests.
January 2020

ACC and AHA update performance measures for STEMI and NSTEMI

early cardiac troponin measurement (within six hours of arrival), and. participation in a regional or national acute MI registry.
September 2017

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