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Among those 697 patients with elevated biomarker or enzyme levels, 360 had elevated troponin levels and 337 had elevated creatine kinase-MB levels. ... Also, since most patients who have a perioperative MI won't have ischemic symptoms, perioperative
August 2011

Interns' days, patients' hands

The statement authors proposed a diagnostic algorithm in which patients being evaluated for a suspected acute MI should have the following excluded: clinically overt causes of an elevated troponin level, such ... The statement authors noted that use of
September 2019

Recent Research

Very old patients undergoing hip fracture surgery should have troponin levels measured in the postoperative period, as there is a high incidence of perioperative myocardial infarction (PMI) and the symptoms are ... Creatine kinase-MB fraction was used
January 2013

Comanage orthopedics like a pro

The patient reported worsening dyspnea, and his electrocardiogram, troponin, and echocardiogram were concerning for a type 1 MI, so a cardiologist was consulted.
July 2018

Tool for PE, heart failure drugs

The study authors noted that the effect of sacubitril-valsartan on NT-proBNP was accompanied by a reduction in high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and that an exploratory analysis showed a
May 2019

Coding cardiac conditions: Beyond acute coronary syndrome

The diagnosis of MI is based on detection of rise and/or fall of cardiac biomarkers (preferably troponin) with evidence of ischemia, defined as the following. ... For patients with normal baseline troponin after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI),
July 2009

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy

Presence of physical triggers, acute neurologic or psychiatric diseases, high troponin levels, and ejection fraction of less than 45% on admission were found to be independent predictors for in-hospital complications
May 2020


Those on colchicine had statistically significantly improved time to clinical deterioration, but no significant differences in troponin or C-reactive protein levels, compared to controls.
July 2020

MKSAP quiz on telemetry

Laboratory studies show a serum troponin level of 5 ng/mL (5 µg/L). ... However, it would not explain a pericardial friction rub, elevated troponin level, or ST-segment elevation.
March 2012

From ACP Hospitalist

This issue also includes conference coverage from the American Heart Association, about postoperative myocardial infarction, and an Expert Analysis, about interpreting cardiac troponin levels in patients with chronic kidney disease and
February 2020

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