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The challenge of predicting readmissions

That did not turn out. Q: What do these results mean for physicians trying to prevent readmissions? ... Until we have a better tool, we really need to treat everybody as a potential readmission.
December 2011

Death and readmission rates not associated for three common conditions

The mean mortality rate for AMI was 16.60% and the mean readmission rate was 19.94%. ... Also, although mortality and readmission measures both span 30 days, their starting times for outcomes differ.
February 2013

Recent Research

Patients deemed at highest risk for readmission were given intensive evidence-based interventions using existing hospital resources. ... The models could help clinicians and hospitals risk-stratify patients by readmission risk and potentially develop
November 2013

C. difficile readmissions, PPIs regimens top Digestive Disease Week news

difficile as their primary diagnosis during the study period, with a median time to readmission of 23 days. ... The researchers concluded that C. difficile readmissions are relatively common, and that the noted risk factors could be used to identify and
May 2014

Outpatient follow-up, readmission rates higher for direct-arrival vs. transferred-in MI patients, study finds

Likelihood of follow-up in an outpatient clinic and 30-day mortality and readmission risks were compared between patients who presented directly to a hospital with MI and those who were ... 14.0%; hazard ratio, 1.08; 95% CI, 1.01 to 1.15) and
February 2016

EMR-based risk stratification improves readmission rates in heart failure

Risk stratification using an electronic medical record (EMR) helped reduce readmissions for heart failure, a new study found. ... resources. The study's main outcome measure was readmission for any reason and to any hospital within 30 days of discharge.
August 2013

Readmission risk prediction models

Readmission prediction models vary vastly by complexity, ease of implementation, and risk criteria. ... Umscheid said. “Predicting the risk of readmissions is only going to change readmission rates if that prediction is used in routine clinical
July 2014

Care transitions program may help reduce 30-day readmissions

The main outcome was 30-day readmissions, although researchers also looked at length of stay in BOOST units compared to control units. ... In the end, it seems unlikely that this iteration of the BOOST program produced broad reductions in readmission
July 2013

Testing for cellulitis, opioid use recommendations, and more

Researchers used 2013 and 2014 data from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization's all-payer Nationwide Readmission Database to compare hospital-level 30-day readmissions for the conditions that are publicly ... a program to reduce readmissions should be
July 2018

Readmission causes, timing and reductions analyzed

Researchers also looked at the timing of readmissions, finding that the median time to readmission was 10 days for MI and 12 for HF and pneumonia, but that readmissions were frequent ... Most of these encounters were hospital readmissions, but 39.8% were
January 2013

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