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Postdischarge case management, clinic combat readmissions

We've definitely made a dent in readmissions for our uninsured patients,” he said. ... The case management program has succeeded in reducing readmissions of Medicare patients with diagnoses targeted by readmission penalties; its 13.7% readmission rate
December 2015

Top Docs

Hospital Medicine to improve transitions at discharge with the goal of reducing 30-day readmission rates. ... I expect we can decrease those types of readmissions by 5 to 6% by having outreach to the nursing homes.”.
November 2011

Safety-net hospitals, C. diff colonization

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Patients who lived or were hospitalized in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Maryland had significantly higher risk of readmission within 30 days, a recent study found. ... Patients living in neighborhoods at the 90th
December 2019

HCAP guidelines, CPR survival, and more

Researchers used Medicare claims from 2011 to 2013 to estimate the effects of changing from the existing condition-specific readmission measures to a hospital-wide measure. ... Policymakers have shown substantial interest in moving to a hospital-wide
April 2018

A citywide pledge to reduce readmissions

The issue: Reducing avoidable readmissions among Medicaid patients. Medicaid covers 57% of residents in Camden, N.J., compared with 20% nationally. ... avoided hospitalization, the team determined that the program would break even if 27 readmissions were
May 2019

Letter from the Editor

Also, check out the related Test Yourself starting.) Complications can mean readmissions, and everyone knows how Medicare feels about those. ... Reducing readmissions is also the focus of this month's Success Story, which reports on a hospitalist
December 2015

A hospital compares outcomes of teaching and hospitalist teams

Dr. Chin's study looked at length of stay, readmissions, and costs among 3 types of inpatient medicine teams. ... Q: You found that the teaching services had both shorter length of stay and higher 30-day readmissions.
November 2014

Readmission prevention starting at admission

The issue: Improving 30-day readmission rates. Reducing readmissions is every hospital's goal, but “There is a component of readmissions that has very little to do with hospital care,” said ... To prevent one readmission, the number of patients
July 2018

Understanding heart failure in African Americans

The fact that the direction changed in 2012 raises the concern that readmission penalties may have been a cause, Dr.
November 2019

In the News

They identified potentially avoidable 30-day readmissions using a computerized algorithm based on administrative data. ... Researchers randomly divided the admissions not followed by a 30-day readmission (n=8,333) and the potentially avoidable
June 2013

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