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Risk scores and discharge checklists reduced readmissions after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) at 1 hospital, a study found. ... The interventions resulted in index hospital readmission rates decreasing from 9.6% in 2011 to 5.3% in 2015.
November 2016

Care transitions, hypertension, and more

were no significant differences in 60- and 90-day readmission rates or 30-day ED visit rates. ... may not be surprising, given lack of significant improvement in national readmission rates, the authors said.
February 2019

Postdischarge case management, clinic combat readmissions

We've definitely made a dent in readmissions for our uninsured patients,” he said. ... The case management program has succeeded in reducing readmissions of Medicare patients with diagnoses targeted by readmission penalties; its 13.7% readmission rate
December 2015

Postop deaths, sepsis projects

Excess treatment was not associated with lower rates of adverse outcomes, including death, readmission, or ED visit. ... Rates of 30-day readmissions were 14.4% in penalized hospitals and 14.0% in nonpenalized ones, and 30-day mortality was 9.0% in both
February 2020

Recent Research

Readmissions were overestimated by the P. ra. (41.5%), nurses (43.5%) and case managers (39.0%). ... Given this study's findings that readmission is common and unpredictable, the proposed changes for public reporting and reimbursement for readmissions
October 2011


Secondary outcomes included LOS, 30-day readmission rates, and resident perception of the protocol. ... There was no significant change in 30-day readmissions for the teaching teams during the postintervention period, but there was a significant
December 2019

Nutrition, glycemic control, and more

Nonspecific chest pain was the most common noncardiac cause of readmission within each time period (14.2% to 22.7% of noncardiac readmissions). ... The most common cardiac cause for readmission was coronary artery disease, including angina (37.4% to 39.3%
November 2019

Data breaches, infective endocarditis

The primary purpose is to optimize patient care and improve outcomes, rather than reducing length of stay and readmission, although practice improvement may enhance effective resource allocation, the pathway document noted.
March 2020

Heart failure risk score, step-down therapy

The study authors noted limitations, such as the fact that they did not distinguish between planned and unplanned readmissions or outpatient visits. ... The electronic transaction standards update does not explain the entire decline in risk-adjusted
July 2019

Opioid disposal, medication cost alerts, and more

These findings do not support increasing postdischarge mortality related to reducing hospital readmissions,” the authors wrote. ... The results also suggest that preventing deaths in patients with severe illness does not necessarily contribute to high
December 2017

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