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Scoring system predicts risk for hospital readmission

Researchers performed a prospective observational cohort study to identify predictors of hospital readmission within 30 days of discharge. ... Readmissions were determined from administrative data and from telephone follow-up 30 days after discharge.
March 2010

Little evidence supports interventions to reduce hospital readmissions

There's no definitive evidence that any single intervention reduces 30-day hospital readmissions, a literature review concluded. ... Of the 43 studies, 16 were randomized, controlled trials. Five of them documented statistically significant improvements
October 2011

Nutrition, glycemic control, and more

Nonspecific chest pain was the most common noncardiac cause of readmission within each time period (14.2% to 22.7% of noncardiac readmissions). ... The most common cardiac cause for readmission was coronary artery disease, including angina (37.4% to 39.3%
November 2019

Readmissions difficult to predict, study finds

Readmissions were overestimated by the Pra (41.5%), nurses (43.5%) and case managers (39.0%). ... Given this study's findings that readmission is common and unpredictable, the proposed changes for public reporting and reimbursement for readmissions leave
March 2011

Costs, readmissions higher when hospitalists attend upper GI hemorrhage patients vs. nonhospitalists

Outcomes were in-hospital mortality and complications including recurrent bleeding, ICU transfer, decompensation, transfusion, reendoscopy and 30-day readmission. ... 3.3%; P=0.05). Differences in transfusion rates weren't seen after multivariable
March 2010

In the News

The study looked at 993 readmissions at 12 U.S. academic medical centers. ... Our findings may reflect the lack of a clear and objective answer regarding what caused a readmission in most cases, as well as the multifactorial nature of readmissions,”
September 2016

A hospital compares outcomes of teaching and hospitalist teams

Dr. Chin's study looked at length of stay, readmissions, and costs among 3 types of inpatient medicine teams. ... Q: You found that the teaching services had both shorter length of stay and higher 30-day readmissions.
November 2014

Perioperative care

An observational study found no difference in complications, mortality, and readmissions between patients who had received nicotine replacement therapy within two days of major surgery and those who hadn't. ... 0.84; 95% CI, 0.68 to 1.04), all-cause
December 2019

Fall risk linked to poor outcomes in patients hospitalized with CVD

Patients hospitalized with cardiovascular disease (CVD) who have a high fall risk score have higher rates of readmission and death, a new study found. ... The goal of the study was to determine whether a patient's fall risk score as measured by the
August 2018

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Guidelines on preventing MRSA and CLABSI in hospitals, how to curb readmissions, and more. ... The most effective interventions to reduce readmissions are also the most complex, a recent meta-analysis found.
September 2014

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