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Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, 2nd edition

The rise of the consumer-student | ACP Hospitalist

Over and over in classrooms and lounges, I regularly overhear, ##ldquo;I can't believe I'm paying $50000 a year to do this.##rdquo;.

A summer on the hospitalist team | ACP Hospitalist

An Irish medical student gives his first impressions of US hospital medicine.

A new kind of leadership: The physician and administrator ...

Hospitals risk dehumanization if major decisions are carried out by those whose focus is not on patient care.

My first colonoscopy | ACP Hospitalist

Being a first-year medical student is like getting a colonoscopy. The preparation is rigorous, but you're grateful to have an appointment.

From China to the US—and back | ACP Hospitalist

A student recounts the obstacles he faced when preparing to study in the US.

A brief history of Dublin hospitals | ACP Hospitalist

An Irish medical student offers a historical tour of his training hospital, and others.Asking patients if they have any questions isn't the best way to be sure ...

Goodpasture and his syndrome | ACP Hospitalist

Ask any medical student which disease affects the lungs and kidneys, and he or she is likely to answer Goodpasture's syndrome.

From cold feet to code feat | ACP Hospitalist

An internship boot camp prepares final-year medical students for the daily encounters they'll face in the years ahead.

23 and thee | ACP Hospitalist

A medical student reflects on the implications of increased access to genetic information.

Clear expectations make better doctors | ACP Hospitalist

It would be impossible to tell medical students all the things they need to know to succeed, but our columnist can think of a few easy signs to follow.

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