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Sepsis: SIRS due to an infection | ACP Hospitalist

The current definition of sepsis is not well known by most physicians. Many think a diagnosis requires positive blood cultures and is associated with an extremely grim prognosis, but this is no longer so.

Machine learning model predicts sepsis in ICU patients up to 12 hours before diagnosis | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

The next step for the tool will be to have its clinical utility analyzed in a prospective study, with the goal of having patients treated with IV antibiotics, fluids, and other adjunct therapies according to a reliable estimate of how likely they

New CMS specialty code and more on Sepsis-3 | ACP Hospitalist

This column discusses the new CMS specialty code for hospital medicine and developments in sepsis criteria.

CMS sepsis bundle may not improve survival, review finds | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

The authors expressed concern that basing hospital accreditation and reimbursement on use of SEP-1 interventions for all septic patients will transform unproven practices into universal care and potentially harm patients.

Surviving Sepsis Campaign adopts Sepsis-3 definition | ACP Hospitalist

If physicians do not follow severe sepsis management measure definitions, a deficiency in the quality of care for severe sepsis management could be reported to the CDC and CMS.

Use of dialysis in sepsis varies widely without difference in mortality rates | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

Costs were significantly higher with increasing renal replacement therapy rates, and the results suggest that the therapy may be overused in patients with sepsis, the study authors said.

Predicting sepsis and its trajectory | ACP Hospitalist

Biomarkers, automated systems, and rapid diagnostics.

Early warning systems helped in hospitals' sepsis care | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

Multiple studies evaluated strategies to detect critical illness, particularly sepsis, in non-ICU patients, in a supplement to the November Journal of Hospital Medicine.

Mortality higher in severe sepsis patients whose procalcitonin doesn't go down | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

The study evaluated the relationship between 28-day mortality and a procalcitonin decrease of more than 80% between baseline and hospital day 4 in ICU patients with severe sepsis or septic shock.

Caring for sepsis survivors | ACP Hospitalist

Risks of sepsis, including mortality, functional and cognitive impairment, and mental health problems, continue long after discharge.

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