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A new score uses eight predictors to prognosticate sepsis survivors' risk of unplanned rehospitalization or death in the first year after hospital discharge. ... sepsis-specific characteristics (site of infection, number of organ dysfunctions, and organ
September 2020

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Sepsis: SIRS due to an infection

Many think a sepsis diagnosis requires positive blood cultures and is associated with an extremely grim prognosis. ... Sepsis is now defined as SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) due to an infection.
January 2011

Debates in sepsis

even looks a little bit like sepsis antibiotics within that first hour,” said Dr. ... A biomarker that identifies sepsis “is sort of like a Holy Grail,” said Dr.
January 2019


Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, especially in sepsis patients, went up after SEP-1 was implemented, but rates of Clostridioides difficile infection decreased. ... among sepsis patients to ensure that antibiotic de-escalation is occurring appropriately,
September 2020

Sepsis-3: The world turned upside down

New definitions of sepsis and septic shock represent a radical departure from previous criteria. ... Surviving sepsis campaign: international guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock: 2012.
March 2016


S. They defined suspected sepsis as digital signature of infection and organ dysfunction. ... Delays in both recognition time and administration time contribute to the delay in antibiotic delivery for patients with suspected sepsis. …
February 2021


found. Researchers used the National Inpatient Sample (NIS) to assess outcomes in adult patients with sepsis who were treated in disproportionately minority-serving U.S. ... Among other limitations, the NIS does not provide granular information to
May 2020

Surviving Sepsis Campaign adopts Sepsis-3 definition

SEP-1 does not utilize Sepsis-3 but rather defines severe sepsis as SIRS due to infection with acute organ dysfunction. ... Following only the Sepsis-3 definition may allow many sepsis cases to “fall through the cracks” for SEP-1 reporting.
April 2017

Severe sepsis patients getting earlier antibiotics were less likely to develop shock

Earlier initiation of antibiotics was associated with lower risk of developing septic shock among ED patients with severe sepsis, a recent study found. ... The retrospective cohort study included 3,929 adult patients diagnosed in an urban academic
February 2017

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