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Sepsis: SIRS due to an infection

Many think a sepsis diagnosis requires positive blood cultures and is associated with an extremely grim prognosis. ... Sepsis is now defined as SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) due to an infection.
January 2011


The retrospective study included 208 patients with sepsis or septic shock and heart failure, ESRD, or cirrhosis who were treated in the medical ICU of a single hospital. ... mL/kg in the first 6 hours after sepsis diagnosis in this cohort,” they said.
October 2019


Although early treatment is key in sepsis management, obtaining blood cultures after initiation of empirical antimicrobial treatment reduces culture sensitivity, a diagnostic study found. ... At seven EDs in the U.S. and Canada, researchers obtained
September 2019

New CMS specialty code and more on Sepsis-3

This column discusses the new CMS specialty code for hospital medicine and developments in sepsis criteria. ... Meanwhile, Medicare recovery audit contractors may adopt Sepsis-3 criteria for the clinical validation of sepsis.
June 2016

Sepsis care

The retrospective study included 50,029 ED encounters for severe sepsis or septic shock in New York State hospitals from April 1, 2014, to June 30, 2016. ... ACP Hospitalist covered current controversies in sepsis care, including the New York State
July 2019

Surviving Sepsis Campaign adopts Sepsis-3 definition

SEP-1 does not utilize Sepsis-3 but rather defines severe sepsis as SIRS due to infection with acute organ dysfunction. ... Following only the Sepsis-3 definition may allow many sepsis cases to “fall through the cracks” for SEP-1 reporting.
April 2017


prehospitalization dependency, surgical status, and acute illness severity) and sepsis-specific patient characteristics (site of infection, number of organ dysfunctions, and septic shock status). ... By one year after discharge, 15% of sepsis survivors
June 2019

Sepsis is still confusing

The conference defined sepsis as SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) due to infection. ... Surviving sepsis campaign: international guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock: 2012.
February 2016

Uptick in sepsis cases may be caused in part by changes in coding, reimbursement

Cases of severe sepsis present on admission increased 3.8-fold over the study period. ... Studies like this are urgently needed to better characterize the changing epidemiology of sepsis, according to an accompanying editorial.
January 2016

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