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Yeast of burden

auris infection,” he said. The CDC in November released a set of interim recommendations for diagnosing and treating Candida auris, as well as for infection control measures. ... Infection control measures:In acute care settings, clinicians should
March 2017

New guidelines issued on contact precautions for C. diff, resistant infections

The recommendations were published online on Jan. 11 by Infection Control &Hospital Epidemiology. ... The guidance was endorsed by the Society of Hospital Medicine, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, and the
January 2018

How to test for, and isolate, TB in the hospital

However, TB patients can be found in the hospital—whether because they're diagnosed there or admitted for another condition—and when they are, infection control is a major priority. ... Schraufnagel added. Some factors will negatively affect
May 2015

How (and why) to clean a stethoscope

Dr. Edmond and other infection control experts explained why stethoscope decontamination is especially important in the hospital and offered tips for spotless stethoscoping. ... I have felt for a long time that we could think about a personal bundle for
April 2019

Hospital cleaning bundle reduced incidence of health care-associated VRE infections

difficile infection (2.34 to 2.52 per 10, 000 occupied bed-days; relative risk, 1.07; P=0.4655) did not change significantly. ... aureus bacteremia and C. difficile infection did not significantly decrease in the trial, an accompanying editorial noted.
March 2019

Is it time to forgo the handshake?

More recently, researchers in the United Kingdom published a paper in the August American Journal of Infection Control comparing handshakes, high fives, and fist bumps. ... The most important message is that even in 2014, hand hygiene is probably the
December 2014

Health care-acquired infection rates falling, but vigilance remains necessary

Rates of some health care-acquired infections (HAIs) have decreased in the U.S., but better implementation of existing infection control practices is still necessary, a recent study concluded, especially because ... Data were used to calculate national
March 2016

Defeating C. diff

The researchers found that restricting fluoroquinolone prescribing played a major role, while hand washing and other infection control measures—albeit important to control the spread of other infections—did not. ... difficile infection (OR, 3.1).
July 2017

Review evaluates evidence for wipes, UV, and other hospital cleaning methods

Only 11% of environmental cleaning studies were randomized controlled trials, and few focused on outcomes like patient infection or colonization, a review found. ... also highlighted a limited focus on patient-centered outcomes, such as patient infection
August 2015

Do your clothes matter?

Afterward, 62% voted for scrubs and 22% for smart attire. In 2009, Virginia Commonwealth's infection control committee recommended that doctors treating hospitalized patients avoid the white coat and a tie, ... In 2013, a new infection control strategy
August 2013

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