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Avoiding the pitfalls of hospital medicine

Ten tips from a seasoned hospitalist.
December 2013

Palliative med conference offers advice on hip fracture, treatment withdrawal, organ donation

We need to really explore from the patient and family perspective first, before we have any inherent judgments about whether or not to continue or withdraw life-sustaining treatment,” said Dr.
May 2015

Morbid fascination

For perspective, a BMI of 70 kg/m. 2. would be a 5′6″ man of 440 pounds.
December 2017

Problems and potential with probiotics

To give some perspective, we use heparin for [deep venous thrombosis] prophylaxis routinely.
December 2017

Duration not always definitive in convulsive status epilepticus

The survey also uncovered an interesting perspective regarding syndromic management of status epilepticus, he noted.
April 2016

New sessions, credits and speakers at Internal Medicine 2013

The expo is going to focus on the College's High Value Care Initiative from the perspective of the consumer and make them savvy consumers of what is necessary, good preventive
March 2013

Take note

The issue: Improving patient-physician communication. During medical school, Aaron S. Farberg, MD, took a class that changed his perspective on communication between physicians and patients.
January 2014

Meetings: bane of a hospitalist's existence? Not necessarily

One hospitalist gives advice on making the most of work gatherings.
July 2012

When hospitalists marry: A boon for work-life balance

From a father's perspective, I really like it,” he says. “A lot of times you don't see fathers able to attend those kinds of things on a regular basis,
October 2008

When physicians and patients disagree

Cumbler. “When there's conflict between the hospitalist and the consulting team, the next step is to sit down and really try to work through understanding what each person's perspective
May 2019

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