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How to stay safe

Ah, the joy of camping. No fire, no water; we ate dry freeze-dried food, and froze.
July 2013

‘PharManure’ and drugs to hate the most

Is this the best way for people to lose weight? Of course not,” he said, noting that diet and exercise are preferable, but not always successful. ... I am not a big fan of diet pills.”. Those who prefer their treatments in non-pill form might be
June 2012

What's zinc got to do with it?

Nutrition Today 1990;25:6. ). There are a variety of causes of copper deficiency. ... 1. Johnson MA, Kays SE. Copper: its role in human nutrition. Nutrition Today 1990;25:6.
February 2012

Hospitalists set the funny bone

He answered them all correctly. Then he said the hospital food was good and I gave him a funny look. ... Jones might be disoriented again! He just said the food here was good!’ Everyone laughed.”.
January 2012

Discharges to subacute care leave out key info

Most of the summaries had a discharge medication list (99%), disposition (90%) and instructions for follow-up (91%), but a significant proportion were missing diet recommendations (68%), activity instructions (58%) and
September 2011

Bonus online case: Insulinoma with Whipple's triad

Originally these episodes occurred once a month, but over the past two to three months, following the initiation of a low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss, they had become more frequent
March 2020


A secondary analysis of a trial that randomized patients at risk of malnutrition to protocol-guided individualized nutritional support or standard hospital food found benefits only in patients with low to ... The hospitalized patients were randomized to
March 2020

New gadolinium contrast agent approved

A recall of compounded IV products from Meds IV Pharmacy due to an outbreak of Serratia marcescens bacteremia in Alabama hospitals, which CDC investigators have tied to total parental nutrition from
June 2011

Seeing the whole picture

her for food allergies; all tests were negative.
April 2010

Attribution error results from a positive stereotype

He ran several times a week, played basketball regularly, attended yoga classes, and ate only organic foods. ... Dr. Bentson told us that the patient's weight had been stable and there was no change in his diet or exercise.
April 2011

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