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It's not an admission, it's an experience

When former hospitalist M. Bridget Duffy, MD, became chief experience officer at the Cleveland Clinic last year, she explored every aspect of the hospital’s operation and set out to improve it. The changes instituted by her office of patient
February 2008

Catch them if you can

His story got to be a little bit too unbelievable,” she said. ... Dr. Kenedi related the story he had been told (during his combined internal medicine/psychiatry residency at Duke University Medical Center) of a patient who presented with symptoms of
September 2012

Your next hire could be right down the hall

Physicians who move from the community to the hospital mid-career present a potential solution to the hospitalist field's perennial workforce shortage. They also offer some benefits and challenges that differ from those of their hospitalist-track
October 2008

Don't quit too soon

Findings from a recent study may change practice.
December 2012

Delivery (of a shock) in two minutes or less

At USC, administrators currently are looking into new automated and wireless monitoring technology that could cover more patients, even those in transit within the hospital.
August 2008

The telehospitalist

I still do cross-cover call. I still do admissions. I still do discharges.
September 2014

Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

Some experts are starting to question how the nation's critical care beds are being used.
February 2013

Physicians of the night

Disparities between day and night care, as well as new guidelines and public pressure, are pushing hospital administrators and hospitalist practices to offer 24/7 care. Quite a few hospitalists are willing to work at night under the right
December 2008

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes a cover story on caring for cancer survivor, extensive coverage from Hospital Medicine 2014, and the latest installment of The Brief Case. ... Our cover story takes a look at what hospitalists need to do when caring for this
May 2014

Failing at heart failure treatment

Fonarow. A major component of that plan will cover the complex medication regimens that heart failure patients are typically on.
August 2010

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