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Age, disability among indicators of medication adherence 3 months after stroke

nonpersistence. The study results were published online Aug. 9 by Archives of Neurology.
August 2010

Statins after stroke not associated with intracerebral hemorrhage

Results appeared in the Sept. 12 Archives of Neurology. In the primary analysis comparing statin users with nonusers, there were 213 episodes of intracerebral hemorrhage, with a slightly lower rate in
September 2011

Thrombolysis may benefit acute ischemic stroke patients with diabetes and prior stroke

The study results were published online Nov. 16 by Neurology and appear in the Nov.
November 2011

Model finds multimodal CT cost-effective to identify intra-arterial therapy candidates

Results were published online October 6 in Neurology. For patients with symptoms of stroke severe enough to warrant tPA, the model predicted 0.171 quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) and costs
October 2010

Dexamethasone as adjunct treatment helps pneumococcal meningitis patients

Results were published online Sept. 29 in Neurology. These data are valuable because the key analysis is based on comparing two national cohorts on an intent-to-treat basis (one from
October 2010

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

The American Academy of Neurology guidelines committee systematically analyzed literature from 1966 to January 2008 on the use of diffusion and perfusion MRI to diagnose stroke. ... Guidelines were published in the July 13, 2010 Neurology. Patients
January 2011

Mobilization after stroke: Is sooner better?

Barrett, MD, a neurohospitalist in the department of neurology at the Mayo Clinic Florida in Jacksonville. ... Dr. Sundseth, in the department of neurology at Akershus University Hospital in Lørenskog, Norway, said that, given the study's limitations,
October 2012

Rounds in motion

We were falling behind so we got a move on. We were late for a combined medicine/neurology conference. ... The neurology service was consulted. This was one case that would make the next conference.
May 2012

The rise of the neurohospitalist

written) “one of the largest inpatient specialties not currently utilizing a hospitalist model” (Annals of Neurology, Feb. ... 75% of respondents had post-residency training or certification, 70% of which was in vascular neurology.
June 2010

Speedy stroke treatment and feedback

Kim, MD, assistant professor of neurology and medical director of the UCSF Stroke Center. ... That initial stroke alert is a system that we had in place that sends a message to all of the key players—radiology, neurology, ICU bed requests, the
March 2015

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