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The big and small of it

In this environment, we typically have no cardiology, neurology, nephrology, vascular surgery and so on.
April 2012

From ACP Hospitalist

Conference coverage from the American Academy of Neurology offers expert advice on prognostication for patients unconscious after cardiac arrest and rapid advances in stroke care.
July 2019

New recommendations on diagnosis and treatment of Bell's palsy

Recommendations on diagnosing and treating Bell's palsy were recently provided by a new clinical practice guideline from the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.
November 2013

When patients don't tell all

Raghav Govindarajan, ACP Associate Member, a neurology resident at the Cleveland Clinic Florida, told us about a case he saw in India that has important lessons for clinicians everywhere.
October 2010

Move fast, but sometimes not too fast, in hypertensive emergencies

As a result of this, this is why when our neurology colleagues consult on some of our hypertensive emergency patients … the variability is quite wide in terms of what blood pressure
July 2015

Journal watch

The American Academy of Neurology has issued new guidelines on emergency department imaging in patients who present with seizure. ... The study was released early online and appeared in the November Lancet Neurology.
December 2007

Cases from Tulane University School of Medicine

A neurology consultant recommended starting a new antiepileptic, zonisamide. Before the patient began taking the new medication, his creatinine was normal (0.86 mg/dL).
March 2014

Rounds in motion

We were falling behind so we got a move on. We were late for a combined medicine/neurology conference. ... The neurology service was consulted. This was one case that would make the next conference.
May 2012

Recent Research

The results were published online by Neurology on July 25. The study couldn't determine the mechanisms behind these associations, the authors acknowledged. ... It was also affirmed by the American Academy of Neurology. Among elective surgery patients,
December 2012

Use MRI, not CT, to diagnose ischemic stroke, new guideline says

The American Academy of Neurology guidelines committee systematically analyzed literature from 1966 to January 2008 on the use of diffusion and perfusion MRI to diagnose stroke. ... Guidelines were published in the July 13 issue of Neurology. CT can
July 2010

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