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NSTEMI algorithm, metabolic acidemia, and more

Limitations included that no specific control solution was recommended, and future research should look at whether different formulas for sodium bicarbonate infusion affect outcomes. ... At least for those procedures where sterility should be easy to
February 2019

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Infection rates and the economic burden of Staphylococcus aureus have increased in U.S. ... The authors speculated that the decrease in S. aureus-associated inpatient mortality rate may be due to improved infection control practices in U.S.
November 2007

Highlights from ACP Journal Club

These countries also often do not have adequate infection control and biohazardous waste disposal methods, which are particularly important with MODS because the potential exposure time for health care workers is
March 2007

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Outbreak response was also hindered by delayed diagnosis of the index patient, who was hospitalized for multiple days before diagnosis, and failure to closely adhere to infection control practices, which include
September 2011

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Results were published in the October 2013 Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. ... They also noted that rapid delivery of PCI could have limited infarct sizes to the point that glucose control didn't provide further benefits.
January 2014

More hospitals fight MRSA with universal screening

Moreover, the skeptics say, a screening program can't compensate for lapses in hand washing and other infection control practices. ... In the second group of ICUs, staff followed each hospital's standard infection control practices.
July 2007

Getting with the C. difficile guidelines

the time from result to treatment, from 4 hours to 1, according to results published in the November 2013 Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. ... Infection control programs should be very interested in trying to reduce delays in diagnostic
April 2014

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Attention to pain control and other symptoms can reasonably include selective surgical intervention.”. ... The authors attempted to balance visitor and patient safety, potential pathogen spread, psychosocial effects of isolation, and feasibility in
July 2015

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America. The update was published in the May Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. ... Use metronidazole for an initial episode of mild-to-moderate C. difficile infection (CDI).
October 2010

Update issued on VAP prevention strategies

Maintain ventilator circuits by changing them only when they are visibly soiled or malfunctioning and by following CDC/Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee guidelines on sterilizing and disinfecting respiratory care ... The full text
July 2014

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