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Aiming for zero

Koll, FACP, chief of infection control. Just having a climate of safety can make nurses more comfortable, said Elizabeth A. ... Griffin said. A first step is realizing that some infections might have special causes or that some patients are so sick
June 2007

In the News

For each type of HAI, the guideline authors recommend several basic prevention strategies and list special procedures for when basic steps fail to control an infection. ... Other societies that helped develop the compendium included the Society for
November 2008

Commentary discusses conventional medical centers and Ebola; Ebola resources available

unfamiliarity to clinicians in developed settings, the lack of effective treatments and vaccines, their propensity to infect health care staff, and the infection control challenges they present argue for, in our
October 2014

NSTEMI algorithm, metabolic acidemia, and more

Limitations included that no specific control solution was recommended, and future research should look at whether different formulas for sodium bicarbonate infusion affect outcomes. ... At least for those procedures where sterility should be easy to
February 2019

Studies a reminder of need for surveillance of bacteria susceptibility in hospitals

Results were published online Aug. 13 by Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. ... 64%; P=0.28) and to have infection with Gram-positive bacterial isolates (81% vs.
August 2014

A deviant approach to hospital challenges

infection control at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, one of the pilot institutions. ... director of patient safety and infection control at the Billings Clinic.
November 2009

Recent Research

They also reviewed the donor's medical records and used a questionnaire to interview the donor's family about potential microsporidial infection. ... The full expert guidance statement was published in the February Infection Control and Hospital
July 2014

Be picky about PICCs

For example, a study in the February Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology identified some patient factors that could predict risk for PICC bloodstream infection: congestive heart failure, intra-abdominal perforation, Clostridium ... It's not true,
September 2013

Recommendations issued on health care attire

The full expert guidance statement was published Jan. 16 by Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology and is available free of charge online.
January 2014

Stressing about superbugs

Even if in your hospital, the infection control program is superb, if it's world class, you're constantly being threatened with the reintroduction of antimicrobial resistance and bacteria due to
August 2015

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