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Internal medicine unites to improve transitions of care

Experts from all areas of health care met in Philadelphia in July to discuss ways to improve transitions of care. ... Agenda items included review of current evidence on transitions between inpatient and outpatient care and the best methods of
October 2007

Longer shifts proposed for first-year residents

A task force of the ACGME is accepting public comment on a proposal to limit first-years to 24 hours on-task plus 4 hours to manage transitions of care. ... The task force proposed limiting the shift to 24 hours on-task plus 4 hours to manage transitions
November 2016

In the News

Six professional medical societies, including ACP, have developed a set of consensus standards for improving transitions of care. ... At every point of transitions the patient and/or their family/caregivers need to know who is responsible for their care
July 2009

The March issue is now online

The March issue of ACP Hospitalist is now online, with stories about substance abuse in physicians, a novel transitions-of-care program, and cardiac monitoring. ... Oregon Health & Science University helped improve care transitions by paying community
March 2012

Infectious diseases

They also called on physicians and hospitals to work to improve transitions of care and avoid barriers and delays for these patients. ... Early discussion with patients, caregivers and case management about the costs of care should be considered,” they
November 2019

A code for improving transitions of care

Payment codes for transitional care management require that the practice receiving the patient contact him or her within two days of discharge and have an in-person visit within seven days ... Mortality rates were also significantly decreased, so what
November 2018

Transitions of care

Researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with clinicians, staff, and patients to assess the barriers and facilitators to providing high-quality continuum of care for veterans transitioning from non-VA hospitals to ... The study authors noted
October 2019

Identifying drug-drug interactions

of the pharmacokinetics of both statins and medications often prescribed with them in combination. ... In addition, the committee wrote, “A review of all medications that statin-treated patients are taking should be done at each clinical encounter and
March 2017

Care coordination bundle reduced total cost of care for Medicare and Medicaid patients

At one urban academic health system, an acute care intervention bundle to improve transition planning after discharge was associated with large reductions in total cost of care, especially among Medicaid patients, ... For Medicare patients, the
November 2018

Take the C-TraIn

Two years and dozens of meetings later, the Care Transitions Innovation (C-TraIn) was born in the general medicine ward of Portland's OHSU Hospital. ... What: A transitions-of-care program involving a registered nurse for care coordination and outpatient
March 2012

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