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Guiding perioperative care for bariatric surgery

Cause-and-effect questions like these pose diagnostic challenges for hospitalists involved in perioperative assessment of bariatric surgery patients. ... While there's no need to rewrite the guidelines for perioperative care in these cases, hospitalists
March 2008

Training in breathing exercises before upper abdominal surgery reduced postoperative pulmonary complications

Within six weeks before surgery, patients had a 30-minute training session with a physiotherapist, which involved coaching in the breathing exercises, education about pulmonary complications, and an individualized risk assessment.
January 2018

MKSAP quiz on perioperative care

The following cases and commentary, which focus on perioperative care, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP 16). ... Lungs are clear to auscultation bilaterally. Which of the following is the most appropriate
January 2013

WHO issues first-ever global guidelines for prevention of surgical site infections

Perioperative shaving is strongly discouraged;. Immunosuppressive medications should not be discontinued before surgery;. ... Perioperative surgical antibiotic prophylaxis should not be continued because of the presence of a wound drain for the purpose
November 2016

Caring for cancer patients

service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, who provides perioperative care to surgical patients. ... Some hospitals are moving toward models that incorporate hospitalists as part of the perioperative care team.
February 2013

Frailty associated with failure to rescue after surgery, study finds

The results suggest that the risk-benefit ratio of even minor elective procedures needs to be carefully considered in individuals who are considered frail, the study authors said.
March 2018

Coding corner

Coding corner Billing for routine perioperative care by hospitalists may require modifiers. ... transferring care to the hospitalists), then the physicians must use modifiers to indicate this transfer.
June 2008

New guidelines on perioperative evaluation and management

Cardiology experts released new guidelines on perioperative care of patients undergoing noncardiac surgery last week. ... Aug. 1. For more on perioperative medication management, see our June cover story in ACP Hospitalist.
August 2014

MKSAP quiz on insulin

Therefore, many patients, even those who have previously been well controlled with diet or oral medications, may need insulin during the perioperative period. ... with diabetes in acute care and perioperative settings.
April 2014

Six-minute walk distance before cardiac surgery predicts cognitive dysfunction afterward

In addition to six-minute walk distance, intensive care unit length of stay, age, and Mini-Mental State Examination score were found to be independent risk factors for postoperative cognitive dysfunction. ... In addition to the 6MWD, intensive care unit
May 2018

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