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Mortality, hospitalizations, and end-of-life care improving, Medicare analysis finds

56.8% of these patients at the end of life having at least 1 hospitalization in 2013 compared to 70.5% in 1999. ... These findings may be due to increasing recognition of the importance of hospice and patient-centered care at the end of life, the study
August 2015

A systemwide approach to end-of-life care

Q: What led you to focus on end-of-life care as an administrator? ... End-of-life care really has problems with it in so many different ways.
February 2019

Penicillin allergies, end-of-life care

Health care transitions during the last three days of life, which the study authors considered a burdensome pattern of care, increased from 10.3% in 2000 to a high of ... The stabilization in rates of ICU use at the end of life should be seen as an
November 2018

End-of-life care

They stressed that few studies have been done on end-of-life care in Asian American patients and said more research is needed in this area. ... Further research is needed to understand these potential [end-of-life] care disparities by exploring
May 2021

Building trust aids decision making in end-of-life care

At the end of the defined time period, Dr. Schwartz said, the family and physician should sit down together to discuss results and plan what should—or should not—happen next. ... In addition, Dr. Schwartz reminded physicians that they should make
August 2007

End-of-life care

Noninvasive ventilation was associated with better end-of-life care measures. In the past two decades, the use of noninvasive ventilation in older patients hospitalized in the last 30 days of ... Measures of end-of-life care included in-hospital death in
October 2020

New end-of-life guidelines help physicians fill gap in patient care

15 Annals of Internal Medicine. While guidelines have been written in the past to address certain aspects of end-of-life care, such as the assessment and treatment of pain, no ... Q: The guidelines' introduction says that high-quality evidence on
March 2008

End-of-life care

The primary outcome was the association of DNR reversal with readmission to the same or different hospital from the initial hospital. ... Results were published online on Dec. 2 by Critical Care Medicine.
December 2020

Caring for prisoners

There is a perception that high doses of opioids are bad, but these are sometimes needed when a patient is near the end of life.”. ... Keep visitors out of the patient room. Except for special circumstances, such as at end of life, prisoners are not
October 2017

MKSAP quiz on end-of-life care

The health care team has arranged a family meeting to address end-of-life care. ... The cornerstone of establishing goals of care in the end-of-life setting is to communicate in a patient-centered, open-ended format.
December 2013

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