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Intensive treatment of hyperglycemia during ischemic stroke did not improve functional recovery

In patients with acute ischemic stroke and hyperglycemia, a target glucose level of 80 to 130 mg/dL was associated with more hypoglycemia and no difference in functional outcomes compared to a target of 80 to 179 mg/dL.

Serum potassium repletion for mild abnormalities didn't affect outcomes in heart failure exacerbations

The retrospective study compared mortality, ICU transfers, and length of stay among patients with normal serum potassium levels at admission for heart failure by whether they had average levels of less than 4.0 mEq/L, 4.0 to 4.5 mEq/L, or greater than 4.5 mEq/L during hospitalization.

Stopping digoxin after a heart failure exacerbation associated with risk of readmission

Patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction who were taking digoxin before hospitalization had higher short-term mortality and long-term readmission risk if the drug was discontinued at discharge.

CDC issues interim guidance on measles infection control and prevention in health care

New government guidance covers what is acceptable evidence of immunity to measles and how to respond if health care personnel are exposed to the disease.

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