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Q&A: The next step in sepsis care

Patients with severe sepsis and septic shock get the best care that hospitals have to offer: rapid, intensive, protocol-based treatment. ... P atients with severe sepsis and septic shock get the best care that hospitals have to offer—rapid, intensive,
September 2014

Early warning systems helped in hospitals' sepsis care

Another article explained how the hospitals integrated supportive care into the warning system. ... The last article described a sepsis recognition program that began with 60 academic and community hospitals in 4 U.S.
November 2016

Debates in sepsis

In addition to being guided by the SSC, hospitals' sepsis care has been measured by CMS and publicly reported since 2015. ... Yet he too is optimistic about the future of sepsis care, for a perhaps surprising reason—the collaboration he sees among the
January 2019

Sepsis care

Our study suggests an urgent need to understand why improvements in sepsis care lagged in hospitals in New York that care for higher proportions of minority patients,” said the study authors. ... ACP Hospitalist covered current controversies in sepsis
July 2019

The frontiers of sepsis care

W here: Small hospitals in Kansas. The issue:Improving sepsis care in critical access hospitals. ... But improving initial sepsis care can actually reduce the likelihood of transfer, he said.
January 2017

January issue is online and in the mail

This month's main story focuses on debates in sepsis care and ACP Hospitalist will hold a Twitter chat on the subject on Tuesday, Jan. ... The main story looks at debates in sepsis care, which include the optimal use of antibiotics, IV fluids, and
January 2019

Letter from the Editor

U ntil recently, sepsis care was fairly clear-cut, with most physicians feeling confident that early goal-directed therapy (EGDT) was the preferred route to best care. ... Has sepsis care changed in your hospital? How do you make comanagement work?
March 2015

EGDT provided no benefit compared to usual septic shock care

This real-world trial confirms that usual sepsis care has changed since the 2001 Rivers study showed benefits from EGDT, the authors said. ... The March ACP Hospitalist issue covers the debate over EGDT and the future of severe sepsis care.
March 2015

Debates over sepsis and immigration

This issue brings you controversies in sepsis care and our first-ever Twitter chat. ... Follow us on Twitter and then exchange ideas on sepsis with experts using #ACPHospitalistchat.
January 2019

CMS sepsis bundle may not improve survival, review finds

The Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Early Management Bundle (SEP-1), the CMS performance measure for sepsis care, has no high- or moderate-quality evidence showing that it improves survival, a ... The authors of an accompanying editorial said the study
February 2018

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