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The primary outcomes of the study were all-cause death and heart failure readmission. ... the current excessive focus on 30-day readmission bringing unintended consequence,” they wrote.
May 2020

Readmission impossible

patient in follow-up, increasing the risk of adverse events such as readmissions. ... Dr. Robelia is the chair of readmissions at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.
June 2018

Transitions of care

Thirty days of home telemonitoring after hospital discharge may improve outcomes in patients at high risk for readmission, a recent trial found. ... They concluded that telemonitoring for 30 days after hospital discharge in patients at high risk for
February 2021

Monitoring vitals at home may reduce readmissions

I didn't think the telemonitoring would make much difference in the readmission rate, but it actually did.”. ... The hospitals are now using telemonitoring as one of the tactics to reduce readmissions, Dr.
May 2021

Readmission penalties may not drive observation stays in lieu of readmissions

Use of observation rose from 2007 to 2015, but both for diagnoses targeted by readmission penalties and those not targeted, and there was no hospital-level association with readmissions. ... Readmission rates continued to decline from October 2012
March 2016

Readmission risk prediction models

Readmission prediction models vary vastly by complexity, ease of implementation, and risk criteria. ... Umscheid said. “Predicting the risk of readmissions is only going to change readmission rates if that prediction is used in routine clinical
July 2014

Substance use disorder

A personalized patient navigation service reduced readmissions among medical and surgical patients with comorbid substance use disorder, according to a recent randomized trial. ... The NavSTAR group also showed better outcomes on 30-day readmissions (15.5
April 2021

End-of-life care

The primary outcome was the association of DNR reversal with readmission to the same or different hospital from the initial hospital. ... Secondary outcomes included the association of DNR reversal with readmission to a hospital with a low or high rate
December 2020

Transitions of care, readmissions, and more

The overall rate of postdischarge acute care utilization (readmissions, observation stays, ED visits) within 30 days of discharge did not change significantly. ... The findings offer reassurance about the effects of readmission reduction efforts on heart
June 2020


A program targeting the postacute care of orthopedic patients led to reductions in readmissions and excess days in acute care, a before-after pilot study found. ... Readmissions decreased from 49 (6.1%) during preimplementation to 37 (2.0%) during
July 2020

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