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Patient navigator program reduces length of stay

A 442-bed acute care urban academic health center in Toronto decreased length of stay by improving patient-physician communication and handoffs. ... The issue: Improving physician-patient communication and handoffs. Effective communication is paramount
November 2015

Not all doctors fully disclose errors, pharma ties, bad prognoses, survey finds

The survey results suggest that many physicians do not completely support the charter requirements related to communication with patients. ... complexities of patient physician communication in everyday practice,” they wrote.
February 2012

The case for a more proactive approach

nobody's paying attention to, worrying about a significant delay in their diagnosis, feeling like there was a real communication breakdown with the doctor.”. ... Any concerns?’” he said, “The polite response from the patient is, ‘Oh, everything
October 2020

Why and how to apologize

information that they wanted with the patient, and at the end, they felt relieved,” said Dr. ... In the case of a long wait in the ED before admission, “The patient's not expecting the physician to somehow miraculously solve that problem but, at a
October 2020

Apologize like a pro

I'm sorry.” Those two words—once seldom heard in patient/physician conversation—have been gaining popularity as state legislatures and malpractice insurers recognize that a simple apology can avert some ... Dr. O’Connell. Obviously, a physician
January 2008

Optimal hospital care for Native Americans

Dr. Price said. He described one patient whose kidneys had shut down for unclear reasons. ... Finlay said. “We've been able, I think, to effect change that has made a difference for patient care.”.
January 2021

Picture boards help those who can't speak for themselves

Kane explained. For that approach to work with a nonverbal patient, the physician or nurse has to establish a clear “yes/no” system with the patient as soon as possible. ... Ms. Kane advocates having the patient use head nods and “thumbs up” for
January 2008

In the News

The American Medical Association is providing a comprehensive patient flu health-assessment Web site to help patients determine the severity of their flu symptoms and share their information with their physicians. ... The portal offers applications to
January 2010

Take note

The issue: Improving patient-physician communication. During medical school, Aaron S. Farberg, MD, took a class that changed his perspective on communication between physicians and patients. ... 28 by the Journal of Hospital Medicine. The intervention
January 2014

Doctoring with dignity

said. To bring this understanding to more clinicians, the Patient Care Program that Dr. ... the patient, as well as greater levels of satisfaction with the experience,” said Dr.
December 2012

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