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Identify the toxin

An Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 speaker outlined overdose causes. ... Opioid overdoses may make headlines, but there are a lot of other substances that patients commonly take too much of, as Janice Zimmerman, MD, MACP, explained to Internal Medicine
June 2019

From ACP Hospitalist

This issue offers conference coverage from Internal Medicine Meeting 2019, held in Philadelphia in April. ... The latest issue of ACP Hospitalist is now available. Stories from Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 cover medical myths that are still commonly
June 2019

Tips to assess and treat acute-on-chronic pain

Photo by Getty Images. Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 was held in Philadelphia in April and included advice on pain management challenges. ... Feely, MD, FACP, told attendees at the Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 hospital medicine precourse.
June 2019

Conference coverage and Top Docs

Catch up on Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 and then nominate your colleagues as Top Hospitalists. ... It's that time of year again! If you joined us for Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 here in Philadelphia in April, this issue will help you relive those
June 2019

Top 10 medical myths, busted

Paauw, MD, MACP, in April at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019. Photo by Kevin Berne. ... Another study, published in November 2012 by Archives of Internal Medicine, assessed medications (mostly compound drugs) that were sealed in boxes and had expired 28
June 2019

Treating the pregnant inpatient

Carson showed in a talk at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 in Philadelphia in April that many imaging tests could be ordered before reaching that threshold. ... Above all, hospitalists should embrace the value of their internal medicine knowledge to
October 2019

New biologics and treatment pearls for IBD

At his Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 session “Inflammatory Bowel Disease Potpourri,” CDR Manish Singla, MD, FACP, offered an update on new biologic therapies for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as well as ... Singla, who is an assistant professor
June 2019

Hospitals serve up healthy food

Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 in April. ... Through the produce program, patients seen at the internal medicine clinic who screen positive for food insecurity and diabetes will be given a prescription for healthy foods to fill at the
October 2019

Causes of acute liver failure, from acetaminophen to Z

Diagnosing acute liver failure is much easier than practicing internal medicine, hepatologist Karen Krok, MD, told Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 attendees. ... Krok, who is an associate professor of medicine at Penn State Health Milton S.
June 2019

A hospitalist primer

A risk of shift work and hospital medicine is the fragmentation of care. ... Readers will have the chance to meet Dr. Newman at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 in Philadelphia.
April 2019

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