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Heart failure

They stratified patients by both ejection fraction (reduced, preserved, and not classifiable) and heart failure severity. ... Of these, 5,839 were hospitalized at the health system for heart failure during the study period.
December 2020

Acute decompensated heart failure

Diuretic strategies in patients with acute decompensated heart failure. N Engl J Med. ... A randomized trial of the angiotensin-receptor blocker valsartan in chronic heart failure.
October 2015

Heart failure

Heart failure patients who got individualized nutritional support during hospitalization had lower rates of mortality after discharge, a recent study found. ... acute illness is beneficial for patients with chronic heart failure.” They called for
May 2021

Moving the needle on heart failure

Dr. Shao has implemented a heart failure education program in Maine to address the issue. ... Dr. Platz and colleagues published in the September 2017 European Journal of Heart Failure.
May 2018

Heart failure

4. At admission, 41% of patients were on heart failure-exacerbating medications, and at discharge, 36% were. ... only in certain circumstances or have more recent data to support their use in heart failure patients.
November 2019

Heart failure gets a new drug

How does that cohort generalize to the millions of elderly, female, and nonwhite [heart failure] patients with comorbid diseases?” Dr. ... In April, the FDA approved another novel drug, ivabradine (Corlanor), to reduce hospitalizations from worsening
September 2015

Heart failure

Women and men with acute heart failure had similar clinical outcomes and risk of mortality and rehospitalization, but there were differences in therapy and women reported lower health-related quality of ... to standard care in 7,141 patients hospitalized
March 2021

Heart failure

An equation that predicts natriuretic response based on a spot urine sample after diuretic administration could help improve diuretic therapy in patients with acute decompensated heart failure, a recent study found. ... They concluded that the NPRE can
February 2021

Understanding heart failure in African Americans

Some differences in heart failure may be due to plausible biological and genetic differences,” summarized Dr. ... Yancy said. This could significantly change thinking about heart failure in African Americans, he explained.
November 2019

Heart failure

The results were published Nov. 11 by JACC: Heart Failure. Overall, 79,389 patients were included in the study, 26,463 in each population cohort. ... to 1.79; P<0.001) versus matched controls with stable heart failure.
November 2020

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