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Future genomics research aims to be clinical

The blueprint, called “Charting a course for genomic medicine from base pairs to bedside,” provides a glimpse into the next decade of genomics research. ... The new blueprint for the future of genomics articulates a clear call for evidence of
April 2011


Researchers in England established a weekly review and reporting system with integration of genomic and epidemiological data to investigate suspected health care-associated cases. ... The genomic data informed reviews of patient placement and isolation
July 2020

Expectations exceed understanding in unraveling the genome

A major topic of debate was the extent to which genomics research should shift focus to developing and implementing clinical applications based on early emerging genomic discoveries. ... Very likely some of the needed growth will be transparent and to
March 2011

Infectious diseases

One patient died. Both cases were linked to the same stool donor through genomic sequencing, and a total of 22 patients received FMT capsules generated from this donor.
November 2019

Microscopic genes affected by macroeconomic events

The consequences of inequities in access to emerging genomic health care technologies are potentially profound. ... As one might expect, the attendees were derived largely from the business side of the genomics community, and little attention was paid to
March 2012

Oncologist optimistic about latest cancer treatments

However, with genomic targeted therapy, “I can tell them in advance this is not a guess, this is the right drug for you,” said Dr.
May 2015

Determining actionability of genetic findings

How to handle inadvertent findings is a major subject of discussion in the genomics community. ... However, a degree of paternalism/maternalism may be necessary when the science does not support a conclusion that any genomic finding is more than noise.
August 2012

Don't look now, but you are surrounded

Genomic technologies, including next-generation sequencing, have provided new tools to study our personal ecosystems.
August 2011

23 and thee

In 1998, when Ricky Martin and the Backstreet Boys were tearing up the pop music charts, Craig Venter, the founder of the Genomic Research Institute (and a world famous geneticist) declared
March 2010

Patients grapple with knowing their genetic screening results

Guide to Genetics, Genomics, and Personalized Medicine by Kevin M.
March 2013

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