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Romantic relationship with former patient: Drawing the line from the start

However, is it a serious breach of ethical standards if, as in this case, there is no ongoing physician-patient relationship? ... violated ethical standards of professionalism.
October 2008

Ethics committee brings medical dilemmas to life

Faber-Langendoen and Levy along with Kesavan Kutty, MACP. The session primarily consisted of two case studies, in which the physicians role-played ethical dilemmas, in some instances deliberately demonstrating unethical ... Another audience member
April 2011

Ethics in daily hospitalist practice

Hospitals are required by the Joint Commission to establish committees or consult services to address ethical dilemmas that come up in practice. ... Janet Colwell is a freelance writer in Miami. The ACP Ethics Manual includes a series of case studies on
May 2012

Medical ethics in the line of fire

a session on “Ethical Challenges: Confronting Dual Loyalties When Seeing Patients on Behalf of a Third Party.”. ... The ethical pressures on these hypothetical physicians only increased with the second case study.
July 2008

Deciding about CPR when a DNR order is confusing

Many if not most of these dilemmas involve shortcomings in preventive ethics, reflecting either inadequate communication with the patient, family member or other appropriate surrogate, or inadequate or unavailable documentation of ... From a preventive
May 2008

A reader responds to challenge posed by futility cases

A reader responded to September's column [“Son's plea to prolong life at any cost sparks ethical quandary, “ ACP Internist, September 2008].
December 2008

Cultural differences complicate a terminal diagnosis

In such a case the physician's ethical obligations to promote the patient's welfare (beneficence) and not to hurt the patient (non-maleficence) might outweigh the obligation to respect the
April 2008

In hopeless cases, providers have a right to refuse to continue

What ethical grounds could ICU staff have for refusing, allowing her to die when she might live?
September 2008

When a treatment is worse than the disease

Notably, there are no ethical or legal distinctions between withholding a treatment and withdrawing a previously consented treatment after it has been started. ... Another reason may be that the cardiologist and patient are unaware of the ethical and
June 2008

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