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EHR access for inpatients shows promise in small trial

Giving inpatients access to their electronic health records (EHRs) during hospitalization appeared to improve empowerment and did not seem to affect clinician or nurse workload, according to a small new study. ... Patients used an electronic tablet
March 2015

Useless charts and fresh eyes in handoffs

In hospitals with electronic health records, TMI is often a symptom of “CoPaGA syndrome” or “copy-and-paste-gone-amok syndrome.”. ... This is why we can't ask a busy resident who doesn't know a given patient to pause to look in an electronic
September 2011

May ACP Hospitalist now available

The cover story of our May issue looks at fixing electronic health records, while other articles focus on wayfinding apps, unbefriended patients, and poststroke epilepsy. ... The cover story of our May issue looks at why electronic health records
May 2017

Using medical applications on wards, in clinics

In a fast-paced, interactive session, two speakers reviewed many popular software applications, as well as particularly useful features of electronic health records. ... During the fast-paced, interactive session, the speakers reviewed many other popular
April 2013

Duty hours and paper records

However, they stressed that the move to electronic health records may lead to increased disposal of paper charts, which in turn may increase the risk of inappropriate handling of personal information. ... Minimizing the printing of documents containing
June 2018

October issue available online and in print

The October ACP Hospitalist is now available, with a cover story about ransomware attacks on electronic health records.
October 2016

Tech talks offer a vision of the future

FHIR is an health interface standard that, when paired with application programming interfaces, can speak with electronic health records to allow patients to download an app that uses this technology and ... extract information out of electronic health
June 2018

More hospitals adopting EHRs, but some lag behind, study finds

More than 75% of U.S. hospitals now have at least a basic electronic health record (EHR), but small and rural hospitals still lag in implementation, according to an analysis of ... Results were published online on Nov. 11 by Health Affairs. Of these
November 2015

Computerized provider order entry systems and patient safety

In addition, recent governmental regulatory requirements have emphasized a paperless system that uses computerized provider order entry (CPOE) and electronic health records (EHRs). ... Department of Health and Human Services, four percent of hospitals
August 2011

CMS defines meaningful use, ACP responds

FDA panel divided on rosiglitazoneCoumadin samples recalled. Last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued final rules defining meaningful use of electronic health records, which physician practices and hospitals ... The other rule,
July 2010

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