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Getting rid of unnecessary alarms

The Joint Commission has made alleviating alarm fatigue a National Patient Safety Goal. ... Awtry said. Much of the research conducted around alarm fatigue focuses on the ICU.
February 2015

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes articles on managing the census, watching for malnutrition in obese patients, and combating alarm fatigue. ... Alarm fatigue is another perennial problem in hospitals, to the point that it has been named a National Patient
February 2015

Cardiac telemetry monitoring

Alarm fatigue” is a safety issue. According to an April 3, 2010 Boston Globe article, a patient died at Massachusetts General Hospital when staff neglected to notice cardiac monitor alarms indicating ... Hospitalists can take action to reduce the risks
July 2010

A virtual eye on vital signs

The non-profit ECRI Institute cited the potentially fatal consequences of missed alarms, in part due to alarm fatigue, among its top 10 list of technology hazards for 2016. ... Krishnan said. “The risk of introducing alarms in these care areas is that
December 2016

Letter from the Editor

They offer a potential method to identify patient deterioration on the wards sooner, but only if the perils of alarm fatigue can be avoided.
December 2016

How to recognize respiratory compromise

Some disease states put patients at higher risk, for example, any patient with metabolic acidosis from any cause is at risk for hyperventilation, respiratory muscle fatigue, and respiratory failure. ... Awareness of appropriate monitoring, the
December 2018

The battle for high-value care

Additional benefits include reduced alarm fatigue from telemetry and urinary tract infections from catheters.
December 2019

Tech talks offer a vision of the future

Patients will have their alarm fatigue reduced as well, when medical devices join the “internet of things,” becoming as internet-connected as new household appliances.
June 2018

Say no to antipsychotics and bed alarms for older patients

They contribute to alarm fatigue, and if the patient is ‘with it’ enough, they will be frustrated.”.
July 2017

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