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The imperfection of ICU admission decisions

Experts identify myriad factors that go into decisions about ICU admission, including what the hospital or ED protocols are, how comfortable hospitalists are handling sicker patients, how many beds are available, ... Kahn said. Dr. Kerlin predicts that
February 2019

ICU admission may not reduce mortality at 6 months in critically ill elderly patients

The randomized trial's findings support close examination of ICU admission decisions, with the potential to safely reduce ICU beds, care, and costs, according to an accompanying editorial. ... ICU admission decisions, with the potential to safely reduce
October 2017

Admission decisions

All transfers to another hospital and visits under observation status (whether in the ED or hospital unit) were considered to be clinically equivalent to an admission. ... Among other limitations, the study could not determine whether the variation in
February 2021

A new approach to inpatient admission status

Measures”)? In reality, guidelines such as InterQual and MCG were never intended to be applied as requirements for admission decisions, replacing a physician's clinical judgment. ... Over time, as the need emerged for an inpatient admission “gold
August 2013

A new approach to inpatient admission status

CMS specifically instructs physicians to consider and document the following in making an inpatient admission decision:. ... In summary, CMS gives physicians the power to make their own inpatient admission decisions (independent of screening guidelines
September 2013

ED physicians and hospitalists differ on potential preventability of admissions

The 82 physicians involved in the cases, in the ED or after admission, were asked to categorize the admissions as potentially preventable or not. ... Study authors compared the potentially preventable admissions to the others and found no significant
January 2018

Study identifies factors to predict poor outcomes in older patients discharged from the ED

Among older patients who were discharged from the ED, certain factors were associated with death or ICU admission in the following week, a new study found. ... The study found 4 characteristics associated with death or ICU admission within 7 days:
March 2016

February issue is online and in the mail

This issue highlights discussions around feeding tubes in advanced dementia and decision making about ICU admission. ... A feature story looks at the complicated calculations behind ICU admission decisions, while a Success Story details an effort to get
February 2019

Frail elderly, Enterobacteriaceae infections, and more

ED and ICU staff met monthly, and booklets and posters outlined recommendations for ICU admission. ... ICU admission decisions, with the potential to safely reduce ICU beds, care, and costs,” the editorialist wrote.
March 2018

Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

Halpern. One potential remedy for this variability is to take admission decisions out of the hands of individual clinicians. ... It adds up to a lot of contradictions and confusion for the individual hospitalist making ICU admission decisions.
February 2013

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