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So you want to be an academic hospitalist

For hospitalists contemplating a career in academic medicine, it may not always be easy to arrive at the right mix of clinical practice, teaching and research. ... That may be particularly true for hospitalists who are contemplating a career in academic
December 2009

Increased attending supervision on rounds didn't significantly reduce medical errors

On an inpatient general medical service at one large academic medical center, 22 faculty members participated in separate two-week arms in random order over a nine-month period. ... A one-size-fits-all model may not be appropriate. Yet, that may be
June 2018

What's new on ACP Internist's blog

Daily updates provide readers with the latest news relevant to internal and hospital medicine. ... The Catch-22 of catching Z's A new Institute of Medicine report finds that medical residents are still—despite the institution of work-hour limits—not
January 2009

Bolstering gender equity in academic medicine

Women and men enter the physician pipeline at about the same rates, but the female-to-male ratio in academic medicine drops off after residency. ... There's a gender gap in academic medicine, according to recent studies that have looked at issues from
June 2016

Most medicine residents don't know costs of tests or treatments, survey finds

Results were published by Academic Medicine on June 16. Most of the residents (88.2%) said that they incorporate patients' values and concerns into clinical decisions, and 71.7% said that ... ACP has a High Value Care initiative, which includes a
July 2015

Do you know how big you are?

The story highlights the significance in academic medicine of both psychological size and safety, which Dr. ... When a hospital's culture lacks psychological safety, learners can experience fear of judgment, humiliation, or reprisal, lose confidence, and
April 2019

How academic hospitalists can manage workload

Academic hospitalists must balance what has been called the 3 shields: practice, teaching, and research. ... division of primary care internal medicine in Rochester, Minn., who has studied academic workload.
June 2016

Letter from the Editor

But it can be particularly challenging, too, and this issue focuses on some of the difficult aspects of academic medicine. ... Shifting from the problems facing attendings to those they may be causing, this month's Q&A looks at bullying in academic
June 2016

Hospitalists can be cost-effective for per diem reimbursement hospitals

at no cost by combining a hospitalist rotation with an internal medicine rotation. ... Results were published in the August Journal of Academic Medicine. Medi-Cal reimbursement was higher by $2,310,000 in 2008 than 2007, while the total salary outlay for
August 2010

Watching residents

Illustration by Sarah Ferone. Academic hospitalists deal with the challenge of balancing supervision and autonomy. ... care, according to results published in September 2015 by the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
December 2018

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