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Cardiac biomarkers: easy to use and misuse

Experts offer advice on using cardiac troponin and natriuretic peptides to optimize patient care. ... However, carbon monoxide poisoning can elevate troponin, as can myocarditis. “You know that critically ill patients can have elevated troponins and
July 2012


Those on colchicine had statistically significantly improved time to clinical deterioration, but no significant differences in troponin or C-reactive protein levels, compared to controls.
July 2020

Troponin associated with length of stay, long-term mortality in heart failure patients

The findings are biologically plausible, they noted, theorizing that the acute myocardial injury indicated by elevated troponin promotes ventricular remodeling and heart failure progression. ... The results show that cardiac troponin could provide
February 2016

Troponin T, history, and EKG rule MI in or out in chest pain patients

Troponin alone was highly effective at ruling out acute myocardial infarction and adverse cardiac events within 30 days but would have missed 3 cases of unstable angina, the study found. ... 56.2%; P<0.001) and lower specificity (94.0% vs. 96.4%; P<0.001)
March 2016

High-sensitivity troponin identified more myocardial infarctions, didn't affect mortality

Switching from a contemporary cardiac troponin I assay to a high-sensitivity one for patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome did not reduce myocardial infarction or cardiovascular mortality during follow-up, ... Both the high-sensitivity cardiac
September 2018

Full clinical situation should be considered when ordering, interpreting troponin test

Troponin levels are nonspecific relative to the etiology of cardiac myonecrosis and occur in many nonischemic clinical conditions. ... and flow diagrams to help clinicians determine when to use troponin in therapeutic decision making.
November 2012

In the News

A novel 1-hour algorithm to rule in or rule out acute myocardial infarction (MI) by incorporating high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T baseline values and changes may have substantially accelerated management, ... They had high-sensitivity cardiac
July 2015

Catch up on new COPD guidelines

You can consider individual tests like troponin, brain natriuretic peptide, or.
June 2018

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

For low-risk ACS, GPIs could be harmful in troponin-negative patients under conservative management or those with elevated bleeding risk.
November 2009

Real cases from Yale-New Haven Hospital

Repeat EKG demonstrated no dynamic changes. Three negative troponin T values (Roche high-sensitivity assay) were obtained over the subsequent 24 hours. ... Cardiac-specific, high-sensitivity troponin has been demonstrated as the principal predictor of
September 2012

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