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Elevations in troponin T levels, but not changes, associated with mortality in sepsis patients

Elevated troponin T level was associated with older age, higher baseline comorbidity, and severity of illness. ... The study found no association between change in troponin T levels (delta log.
September 2017

PE in pregnancy, normal troponins

Clinicians should understand the limitations of troponin testing as a method to diagnose acute myocardial infarction and order the test only when there is a clear indication, the authors advised. ... The study's limitations include the use of a single
September 2019

EKG and high-sensitivity troponin T may rule out myocardial infarction

A single measurement of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and an electrocardiogram (EKG) may rule out acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in ED patients, according to new meta-analysis. ... The results also only apply to the studied assay, not any future
April 2017

Troponin associated with length of stay, long-term mortality in heart failure patients

The findings are biologically plausible, they noted, theorizing that the acute myocardial injury indicated by elevated troponin promotes ventricular remodeling and heart failure progression. ... The results show that cardiac troponin could provide
February 2016

Negative high-sensitivity troponin T assays in ED may help avoid unnecessary admissions

Patients with symptoms of acute coronary syndrome but two negative high-sensitivity troponin T assays were unlikely to have adverse cardiovascular events in the next 30 days. ... Let's celebrate the advent of high-sensitivity troponin tests in the United
December 2017

Recent Research

I plus advanced coronary artery disease (CAD) assessment with CTA versus conventional troponin and traditional CAD assessment. ... ACS was diagnosed in 10.6%. All patients had normal levels of conventional troponin at ED presentation.
December 2015

Migraines and stroke, guidance for transcatheter aortic valve replacement, and more

Researchers compared the safety and efficacy of the ESC rule-out pathway (based exclusively on high-sensitivity cardiac troponin concentrations <99th percentile at presentation [16 ng/L for women and 34 ... ng/L for men], or at three hours if symptoms
April 2017

MKSAP quiz on cardiac biomarkers

evaluation. Oxygen saturation is 98% on ambient air. Serum cardiac troponin and myoglobin levels are normal. ... Correct answer: B. Captopril and carvedilol. This patient has acute myocarditis, manifesting with flu-like systemic symptoms, chest pain,
July 2012

Elevated plasma lactate predicts PE mortality risk

endpoint (95% CI, 3.83 to 17.34), independent of shock or hypotension, right-sided ventricular dysfunction or elevated troponin I. ... However, it would be interesting to compare the results of high-sensitivity troponins, the authors said.
April 2013

Which chest pain patients can go home?

Measurement of cardiac troponin levels is a critical component in the initial assessment of chest pain patients. ... Januzzi. For example, other conditions, such as myocarditis, can lead to a rise in troponin.
October 2015

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