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How hospitalists can avoid diagnostic errors

Q: What led you to focus on the issues of patient safety and diagnostic error? ... With support from the National Patient Safety Foundation and the VA, almost all hospitals now recognize PSAW.
March 2016

Improving patient satisfaction scores

Setting expectations leads to fewer surprises for the patient and physician, he added. ... study's lead author and a researcher in the Center of Patient Safety Research & Practice at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
May 2013

How (and why) to clean a stethoscope

the patient) for about 30 seconds with either the hand sanitizer or a wipe. ... after patient contact, and to wipe down their stethoscopes after every patient exam.
April 2019

Tips to creating a successful hospitalist program

Show efficiency. Use parameters such as lower costs, shorter patient stays or reduced resource consumption. ... Patient safety and quality measures are being added to the must-do list, Dr.
March 2007

Getting rid of unnecessary alarms

The Joint Commission has made alleviating alarm fatigue a National Patient Safety Goal. ... When the din of alarms becomes the norm, ignoring them is an unfortunate side effect, one that may put patient care at risk.
February 2015

Are your patients at risk?

Dr. Jones, I see that this patient's diagnosis is pneumonia. The protocol calls for blood cultures. ... The patient develops acute respiratory distress from a pneumothorax. The second cause of medical mistakes is haste.
August 2009

PASHA in Argentina

To that end, many of the talks focused on controlling costs, and improving patient safety and quality of care—key benefits of the hospitalist model. ... Conference session topics included strategies for teaming up with pharmacists and nurses to improve
December 2011

Contesting contact precautions

Fewer visits could lead to a variety of negative effects: “More decubitus ulcers, more electrolyte disturbances, more falls—there are clearly patient safety issues. ... Patient factors alone may be enough to justify precautions in some cases,
April 2014

MDs and RNs speak different languages

Effective provider communication is important not only to help physicians and nurses get along, but also to ensure patient safety. ... Effective provider communication is important not only to help physicians and nurses get along, but also to ensure
July 2007

In the News

AHRQ's director described the effort as an opportunity to provide health care professionals with valuable tools that support patient safety. ... The Joint Commission addressed these errors in its 2008 National Patient Safety Goals, and requires full
November 2008

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