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Digital tools help patients find their way

We're trying to simplify patient access and their experience on campus,” he said. ... Janet Colwell is a freelance writer in West Hartford, Conn. Technology experts working for app vendors and hospitals are developing additional potential uses for
May 2017

To err is human … to not plan for it is trouble

hospitals, according to a 1999 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report. “Even if a hospital has great preventive policies and teamwork, a fatal medical error can still occur,” said patient safety expert ... This person will conduct confidential interviews
December 2008

Resisting ransomware

is a big threat to patient safety. ... to that crown jewel of your organization, which is the patient data,” he said.
October 2016

SHEA issues guidance on contact precautions for hospital visitors

The authors attempted to balance visitor and patient safety, potential pathogen spread, psychosocial effects of isolation, and feasibility in their recommendations, which were published by Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology on April
April 2015

Medicare adds data on CLABSI infections to Hospital Compare website

Caring for a patient with a CLABSI adds about $17,000 to a hospitalization,” the release said. ... Hospital Compare receives about one million page views per month and provides information to consumers on mortality and readmission rates, as well dozens
February 2012

Improving outcomes with new roles

A medical center in Vero Beach, Fla., reduced code blues and implemented multi-disciplinary rounds through a patient safety and quality initiative. ... Once it was underway, the initiative—specifically the peer review portion of it—pointed out an
November 2011

Letter from the Editor

In other words, the more quickly treatment is administered, the better a patient does. ... improved work flow, patient safety, leadership, mentorship or quality improvement.
June 2008

Patient safety

Results were published in the November Health Affairs. Patient age, demographics, and comorbid disease burden were similar before and after the program was implemented.
November 2019

Cardiac telemetry monitoring

Alarm fatigue” is a safety issue. According to an April 3, 2010 Boston Globe article, a patient died at Massachusetts General Hospital when staff neglected to notice cardiac monitor alarms indicating ... In Pennsylvania, there were 277 reports of
July 2010

From ACP Hospitalist

Maybe she solved a tricky throughput problem or led a safety initiative. ... skills, patient safety, improved workflow, leadership, community involvement, quality improvement, or something else.
July 2019

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