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Contesting contact precautions

If you want to get a roomful of infection control experts fired up, ask them about contact precautions. ... In infection control, until recently, we have not had that level of science.
April 2014

Journal Watch: Recent studies of note

patients. Patients underwent rapid screening before or at admission followed by standard infection control measures (10,844 patients) or received standard infection control measures alone (10,910 patients). ... Nosocomial MRSA infection developed in 93
May 2008

It isn't easy being green

Chou investigated how the furniture and finishings would hold up to her hospital's infection control practices. ... Chou, the staff support zone has been expanded with special space for infection control supplies.
April 2009

Hospital found little C. difficile transmission after discontinuing contact precautions

difficile infection] in acute care hospitals with an effective infection control program, mostly 1- to 2-bed rooms, short contact time (5 days) and a low [C. ... difficile incidence, a predominance of the hypervirulent ribotypes, less effective infection
November 2016

Working together to stop superbugs

Of course. Hospitalists are familiar with typical inpatient antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention strategies. ... CRE at the time of admission and apply timely infection control precautions.
September 2019

More hand-hygiene strategies produce better results for hospitals, review finds

aureus (MRSA) infection (P=0.02). Another study linked use of 1 L of alcohol hand rub per 100 patient-days to a reduction in MRSA of 0.03 clinical isolates
August 2015

Rural telemedicine, staffing model

Most infection prevention and control measures were implemented using a multimodal approach (i.e., three or more components implemented in an integrated way). ... The review authors noted limitations, such as potential publication bias within the
May 2019

Review evaluates evidence for wipes, UV, and other hospital cleaning methods

Only 11% of environmental cleaning studies were randomized controlled trials, and few focused on outcomes like patient infection or colonization, a review found. ... also highlighted a limited focus on patient-centered outcomes, such as patient infection
August 2015

In the News

RIDTs could enable clinicians to institute prompt infection-control measures, begin antiviral treatment in high-risk populations, and make informed decisions about further diagnostic investigations.”. ... The model comprises 10 risk factors that are
May 2012

Do your clothes matter?

Afterward, 62% voted for scrubs and 22% for smart attire. In 2009, Virginia Commonwealth's infection control committee recommended that doctors treating hospitalized patients avoid the white coat and a tie, ... In 2013, a new infection control strategy
August 2013

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