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Fewer catheters…fewer infections

Fakih, who is medical director of infection control services at St. ... John. Prior research had shown that CA-UTIs are the most prevalent hospital-acquired infection.
May 2010

Prepare for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Two U.S. cases of a particularly problematic strain of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) were recently described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ... The CDC called for a robust infection control effort to limit or
July 2012

Man meets dog

Initially, the biggest concern regarding pets in a hospital was infection. ... Dr. Feldman worked with infection control physicians to research the literature, and they found that the risk of infection was small.
October 2009

The June issue of ACP Hospitalist is online

Ten years ago, infection control was the biggest trend in tackling hospital-based infectious diseases.
June 2011

WHO issues guidelines on TB prevention in people with HIV in resource-constrained settings

The World Health Organization issued new guidelines last week on preventing tuberculosis in people with HIV infection in resource-constrained settings. ... Rather, it should be part of a TB prevention package along with infection control for TB,
December 2010

Invasive MRSA rates dropped dramatically

Decreased infection rates were also observed in the subset of patients who were on dialysis, comparable to the overall decreases. ... However, an accompanying editorial noted that the decreases pre-date many MRSA prevention efforts, and may instead be
August 2010

Hospital found little C. difficile transmission after discontinuing contact precautions

difficile infection] in acute care hospitals with an effective infection control program, mostly 1- to 2-bed rooms, short contact time (5 days) and a low [C. ... difficile incidence, a predominance of the hypervirulent ribotypes, less effective infection
November 2016

Let the computer figure it out

For example, if one of the interventions is early isolation, you may want to have infection control staff monitor and act on a daily list of high-risk patients,” said Dr. ... Shenoy, who is associate chief of the infection control unit at Massachusetts
January 2018

Antimicrobials: New drugs, new resistance

Ten years ago, infection control was the biggest trend in tackling hospital-based infectious diseases. ... Infection control is still important, but if you don't have a stewardship program at your hospital, there is a good chance you'll see one in the
June 2011


antibiotics within the last 90 days, presence of skin and soft-tissue infection at the time of admission, and HIV-seropositive status (. 1212. Hidron AI, Kourbatova EV, Halvosa JS, Terrell BJ, ... Guidelines for preventing health-care—associated
January 2016

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