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Chlorhexidine bathing wasn't effective for preventing infections on the wards

On the primary outcome of unit-attributable MRSA-positive or VRE-positive clinical cultures, the control and intervention groups both saw decreases between the baseline and intervention periods and the difference ... Similar decolonization strategies
March 2019

With summer over, time to assess outbreak practices

Infection control specialists can help answer physicians' questions and assist with the proper diagnosis. ... Physicians should work with their infection control and prevention departments to learn which agencies they should provide information to and
September 2014

Simplified hand hygiene technique resulted in higher adherence than conventional method

Researchers randomly assigned health care workers on 12 hospital wards to use either the conventional six-step method for applying hand rub or a simplified three-step technique, and found similar effectiveness.
November 2018

Anthrax checklist, email security

wrote. Hospitals that used more antibiotics had higher rates of hospital-onset Clostridioides difficile infection, and those that decreased antibiotic use had corresponding drops in C. ... Limitations of the study include its reliance on administrative
August 2019

High inpatient occupancy levels associated with lower risk of hospital-acquired C. diff

The inverse relationship between C. difficile infection and admission occupancy was contrary to the authors' expectations. ... difficile infection],” they said, noting variations in staffing, policies, practices, and procedures during different stages
July 2018

Success Story: Dedicated MRSA unit cuts hospital costs and length of stay

Miller Stahl and Shelley Gilroy, FACP, medical director of infection control. ... Gilroy. In response to these concerns, the infection control team and nursing supervisors explained that it was actually safer in the MRSA unit because staff are required
March 2008

Health care-acquired infection rates falling, but vigilance remains necessary

Rates of some health care-acquired infections (HAIs) have decreased in the U.S., but better implementation of existing infection control practices is still necessary, a recent study concluded, especially because ... Data were used to calculate national
March 2016

How (and why) to clean a stethoscope

Dr. Edmond and other infection control experts explained why stethoscope decontamination is especially important in the hospital and offered tips for spotless stethoscoping. ... I have felt for a long time that we could think about a personal bundle for
April 2019

In the News

Patients with uncomplicated disease due to confirmed infection from the virus have experienced fever, headache, upper respiratory tract symptoms (cough, sore throat, rhinorrhea), myalgia, fatigue, vomiting, or diarrhea. ... It is resistant to amantadine
August 2009

Recent Research

Results were published online by Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology on July 26. ... period. The mean age in both the heart failure group and the control group was 58 years.
November 2013

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