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Recent Research

The patients had New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class III or IV heart failure. ... The association between VTE risk and heart failure severity was seen in the overall group and the enoxaparin subgroup but not the rivaroxaban subgroup.
January 2015

Heart failure

Women and men with acute heart failure had similar clinical outcomes and risk of mortality and rehospitalization, but there were differences in therapy and women reported lower health-related quality of ... to standard care in 7,141 patients hospitalized
March 2021

Admit to where?

Yet not all heart failure inpatients are admitted to or seen by a cardiologist, studies show. ... Patients with nuance (such as arrhythmia or ischemia) go to our advanced heart failure service.”.
April 2021

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Recent studies about heart failure after noncardiac surgery, in-hospital PCI, and other topics. ... Risk for both outcomes was higher in patients with heart failure than in patients with CAD.
June 2008


A U.S. retrospective study looked at rates of atherosclerotic disease, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure in the year after sepsis in patients with elevated troponin I levels and no previous ... Associations between peak sepsis troponin I levels and
June 2021

Debates in sepsis

or influenza and congestive heart failure.”. ... It is possible—we believe likely—that both arms could be exposing subjects to increased risk of harm, including death and organ failure,” said Michael A.
January 2019

Test Yourself: MKSAP quiz on atrial fibrillation

She has a history of hypertension and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. ... Patients with heart failure and myocardial infarction are at an increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation.
August 2012

Tool for PE, heart failure drugs

Patients at the intervention sites were slightly younger, were more likely to be African-American, and had less chronic lung disease and heart failure and lower PESI scores. ... lower rate of readmission for heart failure at eight weeks in patients
May 2019

Heart failure

4. At admission, 41% of patients were on heart failure-exacerbating medications, and at discharge, 36% were. ... only in certain circumstances or have more recent data to support their use in heart failure patients.
November 2019

MKSAP quiz on heart failure

A 57-year-old woman is evaluated in the hospital for chronic systolic heart failure. ... The routine treatment of patients with heart failure with warfarin is not indicated.
February 2016

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