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Notes from the field: Hospital medicine in Japan

The cost of care for the most elderly patients in Japan continues to rise, especially with end-of-life care. ... This is where hospitalists can help. With a focus on quality and efficiency, communication and end-of-life care, they can potentially
January 2017

Hospice referral often not timely in hemodialysis patients, study finds

is unlikely to translate into meaningful changes in patterns of health care utilization, costs, and quality of end-of-life care in the ESRD population,” the authors wrote. ... They noted that the article exposes gaps in end-of-life care and raises
May 2018

In the News

It examines variations in the use of medical resources to treat patients at the end of life, as well as quality-of-care metrics about processes of care, patient experience and ... In the area of end-of-life care, for example, 49% of chronically ill
February 2013

CDC issues recommendations for prescribing opioids for chronic pain

care, and end-of-life care. ... Patient reports of care processes and satisfaction were not associated with admission preventability.
June 2016

Project allows ICU patients, families to personalize dying process

Researchers compiled quantitative data from demographics, processes of care, and scores on the Quality of End-of-Life Care—10 instrument, which were high. ... For families, it created positive memories and individualized end-of-life care for their
July 2015

Heart failure

The frequency of hospitalization increased over the year, particularly the last two months of life. ... of life underscores the complexity of the HF [heart failure] journey and illustrates why it is difficult to organize optimal end-of-life care by
June 2019

Fewer Medicare beneficiaries dying in the hospital, but ICU use at end of life still common

Health care transitions during the last three days of life, which the study authors considered a burdensome pattern of care, increased from 10.3% in 2000 to a high of ... The stabilization in rates of ICU use at the end of life should be seen as an
July 2018

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

The survey results appeared in the June Critical Care Medicine. Overall, approximately 82% of nurses, 69% of attendings and 69% of house officers disagreed somewhat or disagreed strongly with the statement ... In particular, they questioned why nurses
August 2008

Give them choice or give them guidance?

Giving patients complete control over their end-of-life care sometimes causes physicians to withhold their own recommendations. ... Q: What are the biggest differences in end-of-life care policies between the U.K.
July 2015

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue features a look at end-of-life care in the ICU, as well as subconscious bias, rapid testing for infectious disease, and more. ... A new year is a good time to tackle a tough task, whether it's losing weight or improving end-of-life
January 2016

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