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Journal watch: Recent studies of note

The survey results appeared in the June Critical Care Medicine. Overall, approximately 82% of nurses, 69% of attendings and 69% of house officers disagreed somewhat or disagreed strongly with the statement ... In particular, they questioned why nurses
August 2008

Talking points on palliative care

Palliative care is too often confused with end-of-life care and hospice in the minds of the public, professionals and policymakers,” he said. ... Morrison said. Previous efforts to garner public support for palliative care have tried to change
May 2011

A sideline that grew outside the lines

Then the other third of our consults are to help with end-of-life care. ... As far as seeing new patients, it's usually for goals of care.
May 2009

Project allows ICU patients, families to personalize dying process

Researchers compiled quantitative data from demographics, processes of care, and scores on the Quality of End-of-Life Care—10 instrument, which were high. ... For families, it created positive memories and individualized end-of-life care for their
July 2015

Give them choice or give them guidance?

Giving patients complete control over their end-of-life care sometimes causes physicians to withhold their own recommendations. ... Q: What are the biggest differences in end-of-life care policies between the U.K.
July 2015

Agreeing on an ending

Hospitalists struggle with end-of-life-care disputes. ... Dr. Luce, who has been looking at patterns in California malpractice cases related to end-of-life care, has found them to be split about evenly.
November 2010

Letter from the Editor

This determination can have a very real effect on how much patients end up paying for their care and whether or not they will qualify for Medicare coverage of a nursing ... End-of-life care is the focus of our MKSAP test questions, as well.
December 2013

Study examines time to death, predictive factors after palliative extubation

Results were published in the June issue of Critical Care Medicine. ... More important is the concept of ‘physiologic age,’ as evidenced by number of comorbidities and hypotension.”.
June 2016

Heart failure

The frequency of hospitalization increased over the year, particularly the last two months of life. ... of life underscores the complexity of the HF [heart failure] journey and illustrates why it is difficult to organize optimal end-of-life care by
June 2019

Nurses, but not family, found that quality of life program helped dying elderly patients

and symptom management, as measured by the End-of-Life in Dementia—Symptom Management (SM-EOLD), where scores range from 0 to 27. ... family caregivers' satisfaction with care during the last 48 hours of life as assessed by the End-of-Life in
May 2017

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