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Our results suggest that a first priority may be to focus on the inclusion of disability measures such as ADL limitations and nursing home needs (already extensively documented in electronic health ... The World Health Organization (WHO) has released the
February 2017

10th Annual Top Hospitalists issue

For example, he leads an ongoing electronic health record optimization initiative, which aims to increase usability, reduce screen time, and minimize alert fatigue for inpatient clinicians. ... The software platform is currently freestanding, although
November 2017

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Tiered formulary copayment systems, education of physicians and patients, prior authorization and step therapy requirements, physician performance measures, and use of electronic health records to notify physicians about formulary status and
February 2016

Open records come to the hospital

Some hospitals provide inpatient access to electronic health records (EHRs), and others facilitate the use of patient portals and personal health records (PHRs). ... And, by the way, patients have a reasonable right to expect to be able to see all their
August 2015

Improving handoffs through better communication

Arora said. Some may feel that the issue of handoffs will become moot once hospitals have converted to electronic health records. ... O: Overall health status. For example: “Right now he is satting 98% on 2 L NC and is afebrile.”.
July 2009

The telehospitalist

Telehospitalists practicing within their own health system avoid some of the other major obstacles to telemedicine: licensing and credentialing. ... Giarrizzi. “You've got to be better at CPOE [computerized physician-order entry] and electronic health
September 2014

Sending patients home with a little extra care

agency. Widening adoption of electronic health records should help to ease the flow of this critical information in the future, Dr. ... This is one of the perverse things about our health care financing system.
August 2007

Fight IBD flares without errors

He anticipates that, ultimately, electronic health records will identify patients at high risk for readmission.
February 2018

Document to defeat malpractice suits

All of the widely used electronic health records track and timestamp documentation changes, and a physician having made changes after being sued can be used to dramatic effect by a
January 2020

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