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Use caution when seeking medical information online

Dr. Altkorn noted that access to electronic information is almost transparent in offices that use electronic health records (EHRs), as a computer is already in use in the exam room. ... All the experts agreed that there will be no retreating from
April 2011

Improving handoffs through better communication

Arora said. Some may feel that the issue of handoffs will become moot once hospitals have converted to electronic health records. ... O: Overall health status. For example: “Right now he is satting 98% on 2 L NC and is afebrile.”.
July 2009

In the News

Tiered formulary copayment systems, education of physicians and patients, prior authorization and step therapy requirements, physician performance measures, and use of electronic health records to notify physicians about formulary status and
February 2016

Open records come to the hospital

Some hospitals provide inpatient access to electronic health records (EHRs), and others facilitate the use of patient portals and personal health records (PHRs). ... And, by the way, patients have a reasonable right to expect to be able to see all their
August 2015

Improve your CPOE to save time and patients

Rogers. “It is estimated that up to a half percent of every note and order in our [electronic health record] systems are on the wrong patient.”. ... Rogers advised. Those who are at all interested should advance from such tasks to greater involvement
June 2015

Identifying drug-drug interactions

Over the past several years, a number of other research teams around the world have started to leverage data from electronic health records (EHRs), adverse event reporting systems such as the ... FDA database and the World Health Organization's VigiBase,
March 2017

Document to defeat malpractice suits

All of the widely used electronic health records track and timestamp documentation changes, and a physician having made changes after being sued can be used to dramatic effect by a
January 2020

Watching residents

direct supervision, or is not physically present but is able to be reached immediately by phone or other electronic methods. ... Farnan. For example, electronic health records (EHRs) may be useful to assess how much supervision a trainee needs.
December 2018

Discover and defeat your diagnostic errors

Such systems could also be worked into electronic health records. “We all think we look in the charts, but there's really compelling data saying that we don't. ... Working with a team was one of the recommendations offered by the National Academy of
July 2017

Better handoffs

Many hospitals now use computerized tools integrated with their electronic health records (EHRs) that allow clinicians to enter key clinical information and notes to facilitate handoffs. ... The main advantage of such tools is the ability to standardize
December 2016

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