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Tech talks offer a vision of the future

FHIR is an health interface standard that, when paired with application programming interfaces, can speak with electronic health records to allow patients to download an app that uses this technology and ... extract information out of electronic health
June 2018

Using medical applications on wards, in clinics

In a fast-paced, interactive session, two speakers reviewed many popular software applications, as well as particularly useful features of electronic health records. ... During the fast-paced, interactive session, the speakers reviewed many other popular
April 2013

Computerized provider order entry systems and patient safety

In addition, recent governmental regulatory requirements have emphasized a paperless system that uses computerized provider order entry (CPOE) and electronic health records (EHRs). ... Department of Health and Human Services, four percent of hospitals
August 2011

Health IT

The randomly selected sample comprised one independent hospital and one health system-affiliated general medical hospital from every state and the District of Columbia. ... cover third-party applications' access to electronic health records.
May 2020

Extensivists and near miss programs: Readers respond to December issue

Monitoring near misses helps health care agencies to design safe systems for patients without waiting for patients to first suffer adverse events. ... Furthermore, evidence is mounting that more hospitals in New York State are using a variety of safety
February 2012

Paper records containing personal information not always properly discarded by hospitals

However, they stressed that the move to electronic health records may lead to increased disposal of paper charts, which in turn may increase the risk of inappropriate handling of personal information. ... Minimizing the printing of documents containing
March 2018

Lost in transit

Q: Are electronic health records helpful? A: Electronic health record systems have been gaining popularity in health care. ... We are actually conducting a review looking for any potential roles of electronic record systems in patient transfer.
January 2012


false positives or false negatives, affecting the sickest, frailest, most dependent people in our health care system, it could not be a worse scenario. ... use requirements for electronic health records began, nursing homes did not get the same support
June 2020

Which patients to anticoagulate and how

Deitelzweig, who is system chair of hospital medicine for Ochsner Health System in New Orleans. ... from claims, electronic health records, and registries to explore this issue because no randomized controlled trials are expected.
June 2017

In the News

Researchers did a cross-sectional analysis using hospital discharge records and quality-of-care assessment records from the 2007 Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program. ... It's important for clinicians to appropriately screen for, identify and
May 2013

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