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Fixing patients and the planet

Started in April 2012 by 16 entities, the effort to reduce the health care industry's contribution to environmental degradation and spur sustainable change has grown to more than 700 hospitals.
August 2013

AHRQ releases data on preventable heart failure hospitalizations

Hypotension drug faces withdrawal
August 2010

Patient-centered care: Not just a catchphrase

In fact, there may be less repetition, as doctors don't cover the same medical information twice, both in their teaching huddle and then inside the patient's room.
August 2012

Tapped out

The drugs in limited or non-existent supply can vary across the country, but the number of medications affected has steady increased, in some cases undermining patient care.
October 2011

Growing specialty offers opportunity for hospitalists

The American Board of Medical Specialties last fall began offering board certification in palliative care, and CMS has recognized the subspecialty, removing hurdles to reimbursement. The attention, along with other factors like the fulfillment of
February 2009

No halfway measures

Partial DNRs may be attractive to patients, but they may cause more problems than they solve.
June 2011

It's not an admission, it's an experience

When former hospitalist M. Bridget Duffy, MD, became chief experience officer at the Cleveland Clinic last year, she explored every aspect of the hospital’s operation and set out to improve it. The changes instituted by her office of patient
February 2008

Here, there, but not everywhere

What do a bat with a white nose, rust-colored wheat and your pneumonia patient who winters in Arizona have in common? The answer might be fungus.
April 2012

Your next hire could be right down the hall

Physicians who move from the community to the hospital mid-career present a potential solution to the hospitalist field's perennial workforce shortage. They also offer some benefits and challenges that differ from those of their hospitalist-track
October 2008

Don't quit too soon

Findings from a recent study may change practice.
December 2012

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