Pregnancy, food, and more

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This issue covers some hot-button topics that aren't usually the focus of hospitalists' attention. First up, pregnancy. Our main story looks at some of the most common reasons hospitalists would see a pregnant patient and how the usual processes of care should be modified in these cases. Spoiler alert: Solutions include closer collaboration with relevant specialists! And see this month's Test Yourself for related questions from MKSAP 18.

Another article in this issue looks at how hospitals are working on something that has not historically been their specialty: providing tasty, healthy food. The efforts range from simple steps such as talking about nutrition and offering a vegetarian meal option to bigger ones like planting a farm next to the hospital. Learn how these projects are improving health for patients, hospital staff, and even neighborhood kids.

What's more ingrained and personal than eating habits? How about religious customs? One of this month's feature articles delves into the need to accommodate patients' religious beliefs and traditions during hospitalization, from enabling end-of-life rituals to providing space for group prayer. Some accommodations require only simple changes from clinicians and hospitals, religious experts explain.

Finally, our Q&A tackles social media, particularly the inaccurate health information that is often posted on these platforms. Austin Chiang, MD, MPH, is doing his best to correct the situation, serving as chief medical social media officer for a hospital, launching a new organization for clinicians, and generally trying to persuade more of his colleagues to join him in sharing evidence-based advice online.

If you're also a tweeter, plan to join ACP Hospitalist and Dr. Chiang for a Twitter chat on Wednesday, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. Eastern.