Top Docs, oxygen, and numbers

This issue introduces you to our 10 latest Top Hospitalists.

It's November, so in keeping with the season, we've prepared for you a hearty serving of . . . hospitalists. The 11th edition of ACP Hospitalist's Top Hospitalists feature highlights a group of physicians with very diverse backgrounds and interests. One commonality is their focus on innovation, whether they're launching a hospital medicine program in a brand-new hospital, creating a new unit, or bringing a new focus to physician training. Dig in to learn about the exciting work that led our editorial board to select these 10 physicians.

Another article in this issue focuses on new thinking about a very old medical intervention—oxygen. Although hyperoxia was always a concern for some patients, there's a growing body of evidence on both how dangerous and how common excess oxygen supplementation is in the hospital. Experts offer their advice for avoiding this misstep, beginning with the simple concept of remembering that oxygen is a drug.

This issue is also all about the numbers. Our Coding Corner explains the latest definition of malnutrition and reviews all the relevant codes. The Q&A looks at another code, this one for transitional care management, and the Success Story explains how one hospital used math to get heart failure patients seen sooner after discharge.

Such innovative ideas from hospitalists are among the many things that inspire gratitude from our usual humor columnist, Jamie S. Newman, MD, MHA, MACP. He's serious! I too am grateful for you, our readers, and any feedback you want to email us at

Stacey Butterfield