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Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, 2nd edition

A very brief history of credentialing | ACP Hospitalist

While many may think of it as a modern concept, credentialing has been a part of physicians' careers since long before the Middle Ages.

Nurses turn evidence into action | ACP Hospitalist

A care management department at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, helps incorporate new evidence and guidelines into daily practice.

Textbook reflects evolution of hospitalists | ACP Hospitalist

More robust coverage of consultation medicine, rehabilitation medicine, oncology, palliative care, and transitions of care is included.

New CMS specialty code and more on Sepsis-3 | ACP ...

This column discusses the new CMS specialty code for hospital medicine and developments in sepsis criteria.

Innovative designs | ACP Hospitalist

... A feature article in this issue describes another new advance that could be making your practice easier—electronic systems for glucose ...

New job? Read the fine print | ACP Hospitalist

There are many factors to consider when weighing a job offer, but most physicians tend to focus on two: Will I be happy working at this practice, and ...

Individual schedules maximize autonomy, efficiency | ACP ...

At Munson Medical Center in Michigan, hospitalists' workload and compensation are determined by personal preference.

Lost in transit | ACP Hospitalist

Even when errors didn't occur, communication patterns appeared less than ideal.

Can't always get what you want, but hospitalists come close ...

A recent survey aimed to gain some perspective on job satisfaction for hospitalists.

A card and a couple of minutes convey condolences | ACP ...

A study finds that clinicians express condolences to patients' families at inconsistent rates.

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