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Improve core measure compliance with electronic medical ...

A hospitalist explains how his facility uses its EHR to meet CMS core measures.

Computerized provider order entry systems and patient safety ...

Computerized provider order entry has a promising, yet unproven, future as a tool for improving overall patient care and safety.

Truly be the “PCP in the hospital” | ACP Hospitalist

When patients are most in need of a familiar face, they often must trust the stranger who was assigned to walk in their door. But it doesn't have to be that ...

Bath salts that were never meant for a tub | ACP Hospitalist

You might not understand the nicknames Meow-Meow, Ivory Wave and Powdered Rush, but you probably have patients who do.

Working the Hawaiian night shift | ACP Hospitalist

A nocturnist discusses a move that changed his life for the better.

Genetics in hospital medicine | ACP Hospitalist

Obtaining and applying genetic information can play a vital role in diagnosis and treatment.

Occupy med school | ACP Hospitalist

Income inequality exists throughout our culture, but it is particularly poignant in health care.

Patient-centered care from admission to discharge | ACP ...

It's hard to increase time spent with patients, so improving the quality of the time is the only workable alternative.

The big and small of it | ACP Hospitalist

It's remarkably different to practice in a small rural hospital than in its urban big brother.

Sleepless in the hospital: Our own default | ACP Hospitalist

Patients should not be disturbed in the middle of the night unless it is medically necessary.

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