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Resisting ransomware | ACP Hospitalist

... on the organization itself than the vendor, said Michael McCoy, MD, CEO of Physician Technology Services, Inc., a health IT consulting firm in ...

Fixing EHRs | ACP Hospitalist

Clinicians and tech experts offer solutions.

A vision of the future | ACP Hospitalist

... covered by Medicare. It isn't just behavioral health. It's also wound care, which is a huge issue for these patients. They are ...

Breaking language barriers with a phone call | ACP Hospitalist

An intervention used telephone access to expand translation services.

Digital tools help patients find their way | ACP Hospitalist

Hospitals offer wayfinding apps for patients and staff.

Khat use in the US | ACP Hospitalist

ACP. ACP Hospitalist: ...

Projecting the future of inpatient dementia | ACP Hospitalist

... There's so much happening in hospitals with increased scrutiny on quote/unquote “quality” (whatever that means), the health IT infrastructure, ...

Fixing, not fighting, electronic systems | ACP Hospitalist

... Hospitalists who get involved in their hospitals' health IT often have the opportunity to test out the new tools once they're developed. ...

After stroke can come seizures | ACP Hospitalist

Risk of poststroke epilepsy can be underappreciated.

Letter from the Editor | ACP Hospitalist

This month's issue considers EHRs, wayfinding apps, physician ratings website, and more.

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