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February 2015 | ACP Hospitalist

... Expert Analysis. Cardiopulmonary stress testing. What the hospitalist needs to know. Success Story. ... Expert Analysis. Cardiopulmonary stress testing. ...

Treatment of ascites in patients with portal hypertension | ACP ...

Article reviews the current recommendations for the treatment of ascites, including hepatorenal syndrome and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.

What's zinc got to do with it? | ACP Hospitalist

This case study examines a 59-year-old woman with weakness and fatigue of three weeks' duration.

February 2012 | ACP Hospitalist

... Q&A. How to volunteer overseas. An experienced volunteer discusses what's required to get involved. Expert Analysis. What's zinc got to do with it? ...

Cholesterol embolism syndrome | ACP Hospitalist

An aging population requiring invasive vascular imaging and procedures is at increased risk for this syndrome. Learn how to recognize it.

Inpatient hypertension management | ACP Hospitalist

Learn how common it is, and when to treat it.

April 2012 | ACP Hospitalist

... Expert Analysis. Sepsis and fluid management. Early, aggressive fluid use can mitigate effects of tissue hypoperfusion. Success Story. ...

Splanchnic venous thrombosis | ACP Hospitalist

Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment.

Primary immunodeficiency diseases in adults | ACP ...

Once seen as children's diseases, one-fourth of cases are now diagnosed in adulthood.

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