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Resource use, outcomes of hospitalization may be associated with care continuity

1 through Dec. 31, 2013, to determine whether use of health care resources and outcomes differed according to which type of physician provided care.
November 2017

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Similarly, more use of iron was associated with lower mortality in patients with hematocrit below 33%. ... leads to unnecessary resource use and has no additional value above clinical decisions based on patients' clinical symptoms,” the authors
September 2010

New score for syncope may predict risk of echocardiography findings

The authors said that the score, if validated, could improve resource use and promote high-value care. ... They concluded that their tool could help physicians determine which older patients presenting with syncope might not require TTE.“ If validated,
October 2018

Journal watch: recent studies of note

Including only patients who died in studies of resource use results in misleading data, according to a recent study. ... The variation in resource use among hospitals was 27% to 44% less than observed in studies that analyzed only patients who died, and
January 2010

New-onset heart failure patients not receiving CAD testing during or after hospitalization

The authors calculated that more than 325,000 new heart failure patients might undergo inadequate assessment every year, with potential consequences including underuse of guideline-directed therapies and unnecessary resource use. ... to unnecessary
July 2016

New frailty risk score for hospitals developed using ICD-10 codes

The study used data from 22,139 British patients ages 75 years and older who were admitted to a hospital and had high resource use and diagnoses associated with frailty. ... Results were published by The Lancet on April 26. In the development cohort,
May 2018

Postoperative function, hip fracture, and more

They also recommended greater use of hospice and palliative care in this population, regardless of surgical repair. ... The study used data from 22,139 British patients ages 75 years and older who were admitted to a hospital and had high resource use and
October 2018

Web-based decision support tool may help determine safety of outpatient PE management

health care,” the authors wrote.“ The use of [clinical decision support systems] to bring validated risk-stratification tools to the ED bedside could help advance this agenda and could be expanded ... beyond PE to improve care and resource use for
November 2018

Billing and coding

Complication / Comorbidity (CC). Usually results in increased hospital resource use, but at a lower rate statistically than MCCs. ... Non-Complication/Comorbidity (Non-CC). An additional diagnosis that does not usually impact severity of illness or
January 2009

ICU admissions, mortality rates for opioid overdoses on the rise

The primary outcome was ICU admissions for opioid-associated overdose, and secondary outcomes were in-hospital mortality and markers of ICU resource use. ... The authors noted limitations to the study, such as that they only included hospitals that
August 2017

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