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Pneumonia | ACP Hospitalist

The clinical distinction between community-acquired pneumonia and health care-associated pneumonia is crucial for correct management and antibiotic selection.

Bedside lung ultrasound may help in diagnosing pneumonia | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

Based on their findings, the authors supported an adjuvant role for lung ultrasound along with chest X-ray because the latter provides additional information on the airway, soft tissues, and bone structure.

Connecting the causes and codes for pneumonia | ACP Hospitalist

The rules that govern code assignment for pneumonia bear little relationship to long-accepted clinical documentation practices.

IDSA and ATS release new guidelines for treating hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumonia | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

The new recommendations remove the concept of health care-associated pneumonia from these HAP/VAP guidelines and recommend that individual hospitals generate antibiograms to help clinicians choose the optimal antibiotics.

For moderately ill pneumonia patients, mortality was lower in the ICU than on the ward | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

Researchers found that 36% of pneumonia patients living near hospitals with high ICU utilization rates were sent to the ICU, compared with 23% of patients living farther away.

Is it pneumonia? | ACP Hospitalist

Concerns are growing that pneumonia is being overdiagnosed. Here's how you can stem the trend.

Prednisone speeds recovery for inpatients with community-acquired pneumonia | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

For patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia, prednisone treatment shortened their time to clinical stability and hospital length of stay, a new study found.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia in the elderly | ACP Hospitalist

An excerpt taken from Pulmonary Disorders of the Elderly, a new publication from ACP.

High rates of ICU admission for pneumonia associated with lower-quality care in elderly | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

High rates of ICU admission among elderly patients with pneumonia were associated with lower quality of care, a new study showed.

More broad-spectrum antibiotics used for nosocomial pneumonia, with no clear match to pathogens | ACP Hospitalist Weekly | ACP Hospitalist

Veterans showed similar rates of hospitalizations for pneumonia, including MRSA-caused, from 2006 to 2010, but use of vancomycin nearly doubled during the period.

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